vegan side dish recipes

  1. Vegan Recipes

    Vegan Easter Menu

    Gather around your Easter table and serve these vegan holiday recipes.
  2. Vegan Recipes

    Fast Fruit Skewers

    Whether you have a hungry family to feed or you need a last-minute dish to take to a potluck or party, these fruit skewers are fast...
  3. Vegan Recipes

    Eat green for St. Patrick's Day

    St. Patrick's Day doesn't have to be all about green beer and wearing green T's. You can boost your health and celebrate the...
  4. Vegan Recipes

    Roasted Cauliflower with Lemon Zest and Garlic Oil

    If you're looking for a way to convince your family to eat -- and actually enjoy -- cauliflower, try roasting it until it is tender...
  5. Vegan Recipes

    Fancy Avocado Apple Salad

    Whether you're having a hard time getting the kids to be impressed with veggies or you want an impressive way to serve a salad the...
  6. Vegan Recipes

    Colorful Pepper and Zucchini Saute

    Tossing vegetables into a hot pan with oil and stirring until they become deliciously tender is one of the easiest ways to make...
  7. Vegan Recipes

    Vegan Hot Cross Buns

    Looking for a tasty, carb-loving accompaniment to serve at your Easter dinner? Try these vegan hot cross buns.
  8. Vegan Recipes

    Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls)

    Onigiri, or rice balls, are easy to make and have major kid-appeal because the whole family can eat onigiri with their fingers or...
  9. Vegan Recipes

    Parsnip Pear Soup

    An interesting combination of sweet and savory, this warm, creamy soup is the perfect starter to a meal. Floating a pear slice on...
  10. Vegan Recipes

    Homemade refried black beans

    Whether you shun anything canned or you simply have an abundance of black beans in need of a recipe, these refried beans are...
  11. Vegan Recipes

    Gluten-Free Kasha with Mushrooms

    Tired of your usual meal repetoire of rice and quinoa? Then give kasha, or toasted buckwheat groats, a try. Though "wheat" is in the...
  12. Vegan Recipes

    Banana lentil salad

    Don't knock it 'til you try it! If you think bananas and lentils have no culinary place together, this South African-inspired recipe...
  13. Vegan Recipes

    Spinach Strawberry Salad for a Crowd

    One of my favorite salads for spring, this simple combination of spinach, strawberries, and walnuts is the perfect dish for a spring...
  14. Vegan Recipes

    Easy Vegan Waldorf Salad

    With your busy schedule, the last thing you need is to spend more time in the kitchen than necessary to healthfully feed your...
  15. Vegan Recipes

    Corn and Bean Salad

    Brighten up your plate with this colorful combination of corn, black beans, and peppers. It's a tasty way to complement Mexican fare...
  16. Vegan Recipes

    White Bean Hummus with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

    Whether you're not a fan of chickpeas or you simply don't have any canned or cooked varieties on hand, you can swap in white beans...
  17. Vegan Recipes

    Curried Potatoes

    Warm, spicy, and aromatic, this hearty potato dish is the perfect winter meal when you need flavorful comfort food.
  18. Vegan Recipes

    Valentine's Day dessert: Glazed Apple Wedges

    Love is in the air and so is the craving for sweet Valentine's Day treats. This fruit-centric vegan dessert recipe is courtesy of...
  19. Vegan Recipes

    Kale and Blood Orange Salad

    Hearty with texture and nutrient-dense ingredients, this colorful salad will quickly become a favorite when you're craving a meal...
  20. Vegan Recipes

    Israeli couscous salad

    If you're looking for a change from pasta and rice, swap in Israeli couscous, also known as pearl couscous. Larger in texture than...