vegan pizza recipes

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    Peppery Cheesy Naan Pizza

    No time to make pizza dough? No problem! Simply use a vegan naan (Indian flatbread) for this easy cheesy pizza recipe.
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    Fun and Fruity Pizza

    Fruit pizza is a fun change from the typical savory pie made with tomato sauce and veggies. Even better, because fruit is bursting...
  3. Healthy Recipes

    Quick Kid-Friendly Mini Vegan Pizzas

    Pizzas are always a favorite with the kids. Using sandwich thins instead of making a fresh batch of pizza dough will save you time...
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    Red onion, peppers and olive pizza

    A pizza that you can enjoy with tofu? Sure, let me have a slice!
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    5 Fresh ways to eat arugula

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    I am one of those people who craves dark leafy greens, especially the peppery-tasting green known as arugula. Rich in folate,...
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    Vegan Cauliflower Artichoke Heart Pizza

    Instead of serving the same old tomato sauce vegan cheese pizza, put this healthy pizza made with veggies and black bean sauce.
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    Red Potato Mini Pizzas

    Need a fast, fun lunch or dinner for your kiddo? Keep a few cooked red potatoes and cheese in your fridge and put these mini pizzas...
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    Vegan Meatball Pizza

    This delish vegan dinner recipe was inspired by a beef meatball recipe in the Sept/Oct 2011 issue of Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade...
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    Grilled Veggie Pizza

    Grilled pizzas are perfect for summer vegan entertaining, especially when made with fresh vegetables and herbs from the farmers'...
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    Homemade Spring Veggie Pizza

    Top your homemade vegan pizzas with the crop of spring veggies showing up in the supermarket and farmers' market stands. Asparagus,...
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    Kid-Friendly Apple Pecan Pizza

    If your children are picky pizza eaters who eschew tomato-sauced pies, surprise them with an apple pecan pizza. This vegan pizza...
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    Vegan Stromboli

    When the need for Italian comfort arises and you're not in the mood for vegan pizza, try this vegan stromboli. Loaded with flavorful...