vegan mexican recipes

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    How to make a tortilla bowl

    Think tortilla bowls are a restaurant-only treat? Not so! You can make these tasty, fun, and edible bowls at home to fill with your...
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    Tamale Burgers

    Put these vegan burgers on the grill and you'll never think twice about meat again. This recipe is from Dr. John McDougall, author...
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    Vegan tres leches cake

    The traditional tres leches cake (translated "three-milk cake") is usually off-limits for vegans, but a few easy ingredient...
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    Simple Mango Salsa

    Fruit salsa is a tasty change from the typical salsas made with tomatoes and peppers. My favorite fruit salsa is bursting with sweet...
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    Guacamole in an Avocado Bowl

    While you're planning your summer entertaining, give your guacamole a tasty update by serving it to guests in avocado shells. It...
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    Cinco de Mayo breakfast drink: Guaca Mary

    Ready to start your Cinco de Mayo morning with a delicious and refreshing boost of Mexican-inspired ingredients, such as avocados,...
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    Vegan Cinco de Mayo menu

    If you're in the throes of planning your vegan Cinco de Mayo feast and need some tasty meat-free Mexican recipes, here's our vegan...
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    Mango Agua Fresca

    A refreshing Latin drink, agua fresca is a non-alcoholic fruit drink that deliciously accompanies spicy Mexican fare or can be...
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    Easy Vegan Chipotle Tacos

    Whether you want to treat your family to a weekly taco night or serve a quick and easy vegan Cinco de Mayo feast, these chipotle...
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    Frozen Jalapeno Margaritas

    The combination of sweet, spicy, and icy in this festive Cinco de Mayo drink recipe, courtesy of Krups, makes it the perfect frozen...
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    Cinco de Mayo: Vegan Tostadas

    If you are throwing a vegan Cinco de Mayo party this year, make sure you put these meat-free tostadas on your menu.
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    Vegan tamale pie

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    Tender cornbread studded with sweet corn kernels baked on top of spicy vegetables and black beans makes for a fun vegan Mexican meal...
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    Slow Cooker Vegan Tortilla Soup

    If you don't want to think about dinner until it's dinnertime, put this tortilla soup in your slow cooker.
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    Really Easy Black Bean Mango Empanadas

    Pull out your puff pastry and make these quick to fix vegan empanadas. Serve them as a Christmas main course or as a vegan holiday...
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    Southwestern Black Bean Salad

    A colorful, tongue-tantalizing salad, this healthy vegan side dish can be enjoyed as a meal by itself or served as an accompanying...
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    Black Beans with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Orange Zest

    Add some pizzazz your boring black beans and create a dish full of spicy and flavor-filled goodness.
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    Blackberry Cherry Salsa

    Fruit salsa is a sweet change from the classic tomato and pepper rendition. This berry salsa can be served as a dip for your vegan...
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    Vegetable Tostadas

    Unlike traditional tostadas piled with shredded meat, these vegan tostadas are akin to a Mexican-inspired vegetable salad piled on a...
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    Fast Tomatillo Jam

    Freezer jams are fast, easy, and delicious. This sweet and spicy tomatillo jam is a dynamite vegan dip for chips but you can also...
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    Roasted Poblano Corn Salad

    Give your spring and summer vegan meals some smoky heat with this roasted pepper vegan salad. Serve it as a tasty vegan side dish or...