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    Special Valentine's Day ideas when you're married with kids

    If you're married with children, you may think Valentine's Day is just another one of those romantic occasions you lost when your...
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    Unique Valentine's Day gift: Beaded Medical ID Bracelet

    This Valentine’s Day, show the people you love how much you care by giving them more than just a box of chocolates. Instead, why not...
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    GMO Inside calling for Hershey and Mars to label GMOs in chocolate

    It's only customary to have some form of chocolate to be at the top of your Valentine's Day must-get list. But are GMOs also on your...
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    Get kissable lips for Valentine's Day

    Alexis Wolfer, founder and editor-in-chief of, loves natural beauty and has a lip-smoothing recipe made with...
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    Valentine's Day cocktail: The Midtown

    Looking for a festive red cocktail for Valentine's Day? Whether you're mixing one up for a hot date or reveling in your singlehood...
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    4 Red aphrodisiacs for Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day is on the horizon so plan to paint the night red...or at least feature red mood-boosting foods and drinks to your...
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    Valentine's Day gift: Untamed Jewels

    If your Valentine wants jewelry for the holiday of love, then consider a piece from Daphna Simon Jewelry's Untamed Jewels line.
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    Vegan Valentine's Day gift: Lavanila Gift Set

    Whether you're a guy seeking a scent-ilicious gift for your love or a gal looking for a fun gift to give to her BFF on Valentine's...
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    Last-minute Christmas gifts at World Market

    Scrambling for last-minute Christmas gifts? Get to  your nearest World Market and take advantage of sale items and other...
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    5 Things to do with your kids on Christmas Eve

    The Christmas countdown is about to climax and the kids are teeming with excitement to open gifts! Instead of succumbing to present...
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    Holiday indulging may shorten your life

    A new study from the British Medical Journal suggests that your holiday reverie may take hours off of your life.
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    No-fuss snacks for vegans on the go

    Whether you're in the throes of holiday shopping or waiting for the next leg of a cross-country flight, certified nutritionist...
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    Go wild with this gift from the Sierra Club

    The holiday gift shopping clock is ticking and we've got the perfect gift that won't even require you to leave your house! The...
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    Fun fitness: Holiday Package Pop Squats

    Who knew that your Christmas gifts could be a fitness tool? Fitness instructor Angeles Burke, who is a member of the National...
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    Eco-holiday: The perfect Christmas ornament

    If you're stumped for a special holiday gift for loved ones, our pick is the Our First Christmas Tree Pine Ornament.
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    Home fitness gift: STOTT Pilates: Intense Body Blast DVD

    A top pick from the American Council on Exercise, the STOTT Pilates: Intense Body Blast DVD is an ideal home fitness gift.
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    Eco-kids Christmas gift: Botanical paints

    Crafts are a great way to inspire your child's creativity and give you a chance to bond around a common project. However, many...
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    DIY Edible gifts for Christmas

    Love spending time in the kitchen? Want to exercise your DIY creativity while accomplishing your holiday gift giving goals? Delight...
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    Set up a cocoa bar for guests

    Whether you and your house guests have spent the afternoon on the slopes or you've decided to take an after-dinner walk through the...
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    Eco-kids Christmas gift: Green Kid Crafts

    I love Green Kid Crafts. Why? Because they are a mom-ownded company that delivers fun, educational, sustainable crafts for kids. And...