vegan dinner recipes

  1. Vegan Recipes

    Vegan Taco Salad in a Tortilla Bowl

    If you're in the mood for Mexican but it's too hot to eat a heavy meal, try this vegan taco salad in a homemade tortilla bowl.
  2. Vegan Recipes

    4th of July menu for vegans

    Fire up the grill and make a tasty array of grilled salads and vegan burgers for your 4th of July guests. You can be the hostess...
  3. Vegan Recipes

    Vegan Greek Phyllo Calzone

    Phyllo is one of those intimidating ingredients that is really easy to use. Buy a box of phyllo and try this scrumptious...
  4. Vegan Recipes

    Kalamata olive, lentil and spinach penne

    This vegan Kalamata olive, lentil and spinach pasta recipe is easy enough for an everyday family meal and delicious enough to take...
  5. Vegan Recipes

    Grilled Green Tea Tofu

    Tired of the same old tofu? Soak it in a green tea marinade then infuse it with smoky flavor on the grill. If you haven't had...
  6. Vegan Recipes

    Veg Campfire Hobo Packets

    Roughing it in the great outdoors doesn't mean relying on scads of trail mix and nutrition bars. If you've got a campfire, you've...
  7. Vegan Recipes

    Summer Beet and White Bean Salad

    Light yet substantial, this colorful, healthy, and protein-rich vegan salad is the perfect vegan dinner or side dish recipe.
  8. Vegan Recipes

    Raw Food Detox recipe: Tricolor Cauliflower Curry

    Ulrika Davidsson's book Raw Food Detox is a beautifully-illustrated collection of raw recipes, many of them vegan or easily turned...
  9. Vegan Recipes

    Veggie Stir-Fry with Garlic Sauce

    Harvest your garden, farmers' market, or the supermarket produce aisle, and pull this stir-fry together for a colorful, flavorful,...
  10. Vegan Recipes

    Summer Tomato Panzanella

    I love bread salads, aka panzanella, and this recipe from Dr. John McDougall, author of The Starch Solution and advocate of a...
  11. Vegan Recipes

    Tamale Burgers

    Put these vegan burgers on the grill and you'll never think twice about meat again. This recipe is from Dr. John McDougall, author...
  12. Vegan Recipes

    Zucchini Blossoms Stuffed with Amaranth

    Zucchini blossoms are a gorgeous addition to your everyday and special occasion meals. Cornelia Guest, author of Cornelia Guest's...
  13. Vegan Recipes

    Spork Foods: Creamy Baked Macaroni and Cheese with a Spelt Bread Crumb Topping

    Did you know that June is National Dairy Alternative Month? Giving us reason to celebrate the dairy-free theme, Jenny Engel and...
  14. Vegan Recipes

    Red onion, peppers and olive pizza

    A pizza that you can enjoy with tofu? Sure, let me have a slice!
  15. Vegan Recipes

    Sweet Onion Jam

    Onion jam may be a popular grab at the gourmet shop but it is also an easy and delectable condiment you can make right at home. Best...
  16. Vegan Recipes

    Polenta with Fire-Roasted Tomatoes and Chard

    Polenta is a classic Italian dish that has become one of my all-time favorite comfort foods, especially when it boasts flavorful...
  17. Vegan Recipes

    Chilled Carrot Soup

    Just because the weather is heating up doesn't mean you can't sip on a savory, belly-filling soup. This chilled carrot soup features...
  18. Vegan Recipes

    Vegan sweet potato perogies

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    Substituting white whole-wheat flour for all-purpose flour gives these perogies a boost in nutrition, color and flavor. Make an...
  19. Vegan Recipes

    Quick and easy Mother's Day recipes for the vegan

    Celebrate Mom by spending quality time with her and not slaving away in your kitchen. Here is our selection of vegan Mother's Day...
  20. Vegan Recipes

    Rice Cooker Pineapple Ginger Fried Rice

    Make your brown rice recipes fast and easy by turning to your rice cooker. No need to stand around the stove for an hour waiting for...