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    Grammy winner Jason Mraz goes for plant-based diet

    Singer and songwriter Jason Mraz has been following a strict plant-based diet for the past four months and says it's made both his...
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    Drop 5 pounds by Valentine's Day

    Need to lose a few to slip into that little black dress for your Valentine's Day rendezvous? No need to starve yourself and then end...
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    Lower your cholesterol with portfolio diet

    Did you know nearly 2,500 Americans die each day from heart disease? One way to reduce your risk of heart disease is to lower your...
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    The Nutrition Diva's vegan diet tips

    The start of the new year typically means motivation to improve your diet. We talked with Monica Reinagel, MS, LN, CNS, also known...
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    4 New Year's Anti-Resolutions

    Does anyone truly believe that they will keep their new year's resolutions beyond January? I'm not saying people can't reach their...
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    Fun kid-friendly vegan food finds

    Are you looking for new vegan-friendly food products for your kids? We are! Here are a few veg foods that your kids will love.
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    4 Quick ways to boost your vegan nutrition

    How many years have you made the infamous New Year's resolution to lose 10 pounds, stop eating dessert, or take on some crazy fad...
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    Food trends for 2012

    A week ago we did a post on the dining trends for 2012, which covered what's hot in eating out for the new year. Today we give you...
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    Q&A with the sisters of Spork Foods

    We checked in with sisters of Jenny Engel and Heather Goldberg, authors and owners of Spork Foods and, for vegan...
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    Holiday gifts: Vegan cookbooks

    The vegan movement has resulted in an amazing array of vegan cookbooks that not only deliver inspired vegan recipes, they also...
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    New vegan app: All Things Tofu

    How many ways can you eat tofu? Find out with the latest vegan app All Things Tofu, the first app from the nation's leading tofu...
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    Vegan diet tips for diabetes

    With nearly 26 million children and adults in America living with diabetes, and another 79 million at high risk for developing type...
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    Best vegan food sources of vitamin A

    With the Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching along with stress, high-sugar sweets, and exposure to more germs while you're out...
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    5 Holiday power foods

    In addition to eating for energy to help you get through your holiday shopping sprees and feast planning, you can also eat for...
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    Ellen Degeneres: Adopt a turkey

    Looking for a compassionate way to celebrate Thanksgiving? Ellen Degeneres recommends giving the holiday bird a reason to give...
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    Two fish-free omega-3 supplements

    Omega-3s may be found predominantly in salmon and other cold water fish, but vegans and vegetarians can up their omega-3 intake...
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    Win a Tofurky Feast

    While your meat-eating friends are celebrating Turkey Day, we're happy to help you celebrate Tofurky Day!
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    Aren't you glad you don't McRib?

    If sinking your teeth into a McDonald's sandwich made with tortured pigs isn't enough to turn your stomach, some media outlets have...
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    World Vegan Day: Ways to celebrate veganism

    Hurrah! It's World Vegan Day, giving you even more reason to share your fervor for the cruelty-free lifestyle with your friends,...
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    Go Veg: World Vegan Day

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    With the holiday battle of the bulge fast approaching, switching to a vegan diet now may just save you that feastful glut of...