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    4 Vegan frozen dinners that taste great

    Even the most organized of vegans have to rely on convenience foods when schedules go awry. But that doesn't mean suffering through...
  2. Healthy Recipes

    Make it a healthier vegan Halloween

    Being vegan means most of the candy bars and other trick-or-treating sweets are ruled out, but it doesn't mean that Halloween will...
  3. Healthy Recipes

    Fall superfoods to put on your plate

    The summer bounty may be out of season but autumn's crop of fruits and vegetables are ripe with nutrition. Put these five fall...
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    5 Easy tricks for healthier family meals

    With Halloween right around the corner, the food-centered holiday season is quickly coming upon us. Though you can't control...
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    4 Vegan pumpkin products for fall

    In addition to all those yummy pumpkin recipes you're whipping up now that fall is here, we've got a few pumpkin products that you...
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    4 Vegan apps we love

    Need a recipe featuring a meat alternative? There's an app for that. Want to find a vegan-friendly eatery in your locale? There's an...
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    My secret ingredient for healthier smoothies

    Smoothies are a staple in my home. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't have one. Though any smoothie loaded with fruit is a...
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    Food For Life is offering free sprouted grain breads and more

    Want to win some free swag? Simply check out Food for Life's Fall Freebie Fridays Sweepstakes and enter for your chance to score.
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    Why you need to eat more pistachios

    I am a pistachio addict once I get started on popping the nutty meats out their shells. Coming from California, I've eaten -- and...
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    Chickpea recipes to boost your mood

    One of our favorite good mood foods is chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans. Not only are these tasty little protein- and...
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    Actress Fran Drescher has turned vegan and gluten-free

    Do you remember how much better you felt when you adopted your vegan diet? Actress Fran Drescher is feeling it, too, now that she's...
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    Why you should drop your soft drink habit

    Are you or your kiddos struggling with a soft drink habit? Kids are especially vulnerable to the ads glamorizing sodas as well as...
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    Diet-friendly back to school shopping tips

    We know you're getting ready to do some serious school shopping before Labor Day. The malls will be packed with hungry parents and...
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    Best vegan foods for men

    Let's face it, many of the foods that even vegan guys love to eat may not be healthy for them. The best vegan foods for men are...
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    Fun vegan food finds for fall

    As you're gearing up for back to school or back to work, stock up on these fun, healthy, and delicious vegan food finds for fall.
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    Celiac disease undetected in millions of Americans

    Gluten-free may be a buzzword in the food and nutrition industry but it is a critical word for people who have celiac disease. A new...
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    Three superfoods you should be eating

    Have you heard of palm fruit oil, plant sterols, or ECGC? Registered dietician Dr. Felicia Stoler, author of Living Skinny in Fat...
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    Vegan foods that fight pain

    When most people hear "comfort food", they quickly think of rich, creamy, carby, hearty, sweet or salty dishes that fill the belly...
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    National Milk Chocolate Day: Vegans really can celebrate

    If you are unwaveringly devoted to dark chocolate (like I am!), forgoing milk chocolate is probably not a big deal. However, for the...
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    Brain foods that help keep you focused

    Salmon gets the accolades when it comes to brain foods, but vegan-unfriendly fish isn't the only thing you can eat to boost your...