vegan christmas recipes

  1. Cooking & Entertaining

    Black raspberry ice

    As you plan your holiday parties, why not use zero-calorie Sparkling ICE as your favorite mixer. We love the Black Raspberry...
  2. Healthy Recipes

    Curried Risotto with Dried Cherries and Mango Chutney

    There's just something special about risotto, especially when it has surprising ingredients, such as curry and mango chutney. We...
  3. Healthy Recipes

    Fast Coconut Balls

    Need a simple but quick vegan Christmas dessert? This bite-sized coconut recipe can come to your rescue. Three ingredients, a few...
  4. Healthy Recipes

    Quick Pasta with Garlic, Almonds, and Herbs

    We love the simple combination of fast-cooking pasta, garlic oil, crunchy almonds, and fresh herbs. Serve this easy vegan dinner...
  5. Healthy Recipes

    Christmas Cranberry Chutney

    Surprise your Christmas dinner guests with a sweet-savory cranberry chutney instead of the usual cranberry sauce from a can.
  6. Healthy Recipes

    Cinnamon Apple Couscous

    An excellent vegan breakfast dish, this sweet spicy couscous can also be served as a delish vegan side dish for the holidays.
  7. Healthy Recipes

    Kris Kringle's Hot Buttered Rum

    As the sound of jingle bells gets louder, are you wondering how to wow your guests with your holiday fare? We are, too, and plan on...
  8. Healthy Recipes

    Christmas Tri-Color Salad

    Colorful ingredients melding sweet and savory flavors make this vegan holiday salad a perfect pick for Christmas dinner.
  9. Healthy Recipes

    Christmas Biscotti

    Biscotti can be made in batches for the Christmas morning crowd or packaged up to give as edible holiday gifts that everyone will...
  10. Healthy Recipes

    Really Easy Black Bean Mango Empanadas

    Pull out your puff pastry and make these quick to fix vegan empanadas. Serve them as a Christmas main course or as a vegan holiday...
  11. Healthy Recipes

    Slow Cooker Applesauce

    Since your slow cooker is sitting on your counter for warm, hearty winter dinners, it's the perfect time to use this invaluable...
  12. Healthy Recipes

    Holiday Green Tea Bellini

    Give your holiday drink menu a healthy boost with this green tea drink made with sparkling cider or wine and peach nectar.
  13. Healthy Recipes

    Cashew Cranberry Muffins

    Cranberries aren't just for cranberry sauce. Bake them into muffins for a colorful, festive Christmas morning meal. This vegan...
  14. Healthy Recipes

    Vegan Potato Gratin

    Tender potato slices layered with a mild garlicky cashew cheese and topped with crunchy toasted bread crumbs is a scrumptious...
  15. Healthy Recipes

    Vegan Dark Chocolate Pancakes

    When you've got a house full of hungry kids, whip up these tasty vegan pancakes for breakfast. Made with buckwheat flour and chopped...
  16. Healthy Recipes

    Vegan Blueberry Almond Muffins

    Surprise your holiday guests with these scrumptious vegan blueberry muffins, sweetened with brown sugar and topped with sliced almonds.
  17. Healthy Recipes

    Creamed Onions with a Whole Wheat Bread Crumb Topping

    If you're still planning your vegan Christmas side dishes, put this Spork Foods recipe on your menu. Creamy dairy-free onions baked...
  18. Healthy Recipes

    Vegan Dark Night Chocolate Mousse

    Put this vegan chocolate mousse on your Christmas menu and even your non-vegan guests will be impressed. Sweetened with stevia and...
  19. Healthy Recipes

    Spicy Vegan Butter

    Elevate your vegan butter to a gourmet spread by adding fresh herbs and spices. Flavored butters are especially fitting for the...
  20. Healthy Recipes

    Christmas Cranberry Vodka Topping

    Make your own berry flavored vodka topping and give it away as special homemade gifts. For a change, try cranberries or another...