vegan appetizer recipes

  1. Vegan Recipes

    Vegan basics: How to make hummus

    Hummus is one of those basic recipes that every vegan should know how to whip up in a moment's notice. Not only is this high-protein...
  2. Vegan Recipes

    Sweet Onion Jam

    Onion jam may be a popular grab at the gourmet shop but it is also an easy and delectable condiment you can make right at home. Best...
  3. Vegan Recipes

    Simple Mango Salsa

    Fruit salsa is a tasty change from the typical salsas made with tomatoes and peppers. My favorite fruit salsa is bursting with sweet...
  4. Vegan Recipes

    Guacamole in an Avocado Bowl

    While you're planning your summer entertaining, give your guacamole a tasty update by serving it to guests in avocado shells. It...
  5. Vegan Recipes

    Summer Peach Bruschetta

    Juicy sweet peaches, ripe tomatoes, olive oil, and herbs on toasted bites of bread are the makings of a tasty and impressive vegan...
  6. Vegan Recipes

    California Caviar (fish-free)

    An interesting name for a totally fish-free dish, this California Caviar is a fun recipe to serve as a vegan side-dish or vegan...
  7. Vegan Recipes

    Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn

    Whether you're looking for scrumptious munchies for March Madness or to stash in your desk, this chocolate drizzled popcorn will...
  8. Vegan Recipes

    Green Hummus

    St. Patrick's Day is on the way, which means it's time to start planning a green vegan menu. This green-hued hummus is made with...
  9. Vegan Recipes

    Stuffed Baby Red Potatoes

    Finger food is always a hit with the kids and gives you new dinner inspiration when the usual vegan meals seem ordinary. Serve these...
  10. Vegan Recipes

    Avocado Pear Dip

    Avocados, loaded with luscious good-for-you fats, easily transform to a creamy dip to serve with chips, crackers, and cut veggies....
  11. Vegan Recipes

    Really Easy Black Bean Mango Empanadas

    Pull out your puff pastry and make these quick to fix vegan empanadas. Serve them as a Christmas main course or as a vegan holiday...
  12. Vegan Recipes

    Chocolate Coated Candied Cashews

    Nuts and dark chocolate deliciously marry in these addictive snack bites. Candied nuts are the perfect vegan holiday appetizer.
  13. Vegan Recipes

    Sangrita Shooter (non-alcoholic)

    One of many vegan-friendly recipes in the finger food cookbook 750 Best Appetizers: From Dips & Salsas to Spreads &...
  14. Vegan Recipes

    Vegan Thanksgiving menu

    To help you finalize (or begin!) menu planning for your vegan Thanksgiving feast, we've got a delicious selection of vegan holiday...
  15. Vegan Recipes

    Ginger snap dip

    When you have unexpected guests arriving in minutes and need a fast, fabulous vegan finger food, we recommend any chips from Food...
  16. Vegan Recipes

    Thanksgiving appetizer tarts

    Love vegetables? Is cheese your fave? Then try this delicious, puffy recipe at your holiday gathering.
  17. Vegan Recipes

    Sage Potato Crisps

    I'm not a white potato fan, preferring the gorgeous color, flavor, and nutrition of sweet potatoes, but this sage-flavored potato...
  18. Vegan Recipes

    Roasted Pepper Olive Tapenade Bruschetta

    Sandwiches for lunch every day can become unanticipated, making your midday meal a yawn. However, you can use the same basic...
  19. Vegan Recipes

    Rice-Stuffed Grape Leaves (Dolmades)

    Stuffed grape leaves are one of my favorite finger foods. Though they are available in Mediterranean or specialty delis, you can...
  20. Vegan Recipes

    Cucumber Hummus Bites

    Hungry for a refreshing snack that keeps you satisfied until dinner? Try these hummus-topped cucumber bites.