1. Vegan Recipes

    Vegan dog gifts for National Dog Day!

    As a pet lover with a large dog as part of the family, I'm happy to bring attention to today being National Dog Day. What better way...
  2. Vegan Recipes

    Hibiscus Tea Cocktail

    If you're planning your end-of-summer Labor Day party, put this festive refreshing vegan drink recipe on your entertaining menu.
  3. Food & Recipes

    Bill Clinton gives meat, dairy and eggs the boot

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    Bill Clinton was known for his rather large appetite during his presidency, but times have changed. And so has Clinton. He recently...
  4. Vegan Recipes

    Tropical Twist on S'Mores

    Bored with regular ol' chocolate marshmallow graham cracker s'mores? Take this vegan tropical s'mores recipe with you on your next...
  5. Vegan Recipes

    Carrot Cake Jam

    With the summer's bounty soon coming to an end, it's time to pull out your canning supplies and preserve the taste of summer for...
  6. Vegan Recipes

    Grilled Swiss Chard

    Not the most common find on the grill, Swiss chard is a surprisingly easy and delicious vegan grilled meal.
  7. Vegan Recipes

    Happy Hemp Sesame Sauce with Kale

    A delicious source of protein, fiber, essential amino acids and healthy fats, hemp seed can elevate any vegan meal to superfood...
  8. Vegan Recipes

    Jam Dot Cookies

    From investment banker to a full-time career in confections, Rachel Thebault has delighted treat-lovers in the Tribeca area with her...
  9. Vegan Recipes

    Wild mushroom risotto

    Warm, wonderful and filling, risotto is an Italian comfort food with many mouthwatering variations. This vegan risotto recipe...
  10. Vegan Recipes

    Vegan foods for eye health

    Did you know research suggests eating eggs can help boost eye health because eggs contain lutein and zeaxanthin, two antioxidants...
  11. Vegan Recipes

    Spicy Black Bean Mango Burritos

    Black beans, peppers, carrots and rice drenched in a spicy mango sauce and rolled in tender tortillas make for a hearty and...
  12. Vegan Recipes

    Brown Rice with Broccoli and Peppers

    Toss broccoli, onions, and peppers with brown rice for a filling, flavorful, and colorful vegan dish.
  13. Vegan Recipes

    Banana and Chocolate in Phyllo

    Bananas and chocolate baked in flaky phyllo pockets may become one of your favorite vegan desserts after you sink your fork into...
  14. Vegan Recipes

    Roasted Piquillo Pumpkin Seed Sandwich

    I love the convenience of storebought roasted peppers in a jar. My latest fave is the sweet and flavorful Napoleon Co. Roasted...
  15. Vegan Recipes

    Vegan Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

    Take advantage of the delicious selection of dairy-free yogurt alternatives and put vegan frozen yogurt on your summer dessert menu.
  16. Vegan Recipes

    No Bake Tahini Cookies

    Tahini isn't just a creamy ingredient to add to hummus, it can be used in place of any nut butter -- if you really like the taste of...
  17. Vegan Recipes

    Chilled Sesame Noodles

    Beat the summer heat with this cool sesame noodle dish. Noodles tossed with fresh veggies and San J's Tamari Sesame Salad Dressing...
  18. Vegan Recipes

    Homemade Ginger Ale

    Perusing the new magazine All You , I found a fun homemade ginger ale recipe. I love ginger ale and now love it even more because I...
  19. Vegan Recipes

    Vegan Eggplant Parmesan

    If Eggplant Parmesan was one of your favorite dishes before you adopted the vegan diet, you don't have to deprive yourself of this...
  20. Hollywood Goes Green

    Hollywood Goes Green: Natalie Portman

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    Just when you didn’t think you could hear more about how “green” Hollywood is, we’re bringing you the Hollywood Goes Green series....