1. Books

    Is Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles coming to the big screen?

    Universal Pictures, along with Imagine Entertainment, just acquired the rights to Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I know what you're...
  2. Movies

    5 vampire movies for when Valentine's Day bites

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    Valentine's Day not shaping up to be a romantic occasion this year? Throw your own Valentine's Day bites vampire movie marathon!
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    5 Couples that will make you forget about Edward and Bella

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    Sure, Edward and Bella have the most talked about vampire-human relationship, but we think there will be a few new “It” couples that...
  4. Dating

    The vampire attraction

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    Ever since Robert Pattinson began sporting that perfect, poofy James Dean coif in Twilight , "vampire" has become the buzz word in...