valentine's day

  1. Couple Time & Romance

    Unique Valentine's Day hotel packages

    Roses and a bottle of Champagne? Yeah, right. Amp up Valentine's Day with these innovative hotel packages.
  2. Crafts

    DIY Valentine's Day candy dish

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    Wondering where to store all that Valentine's Day candy? This DIY Valentine's Day candy dish inspired by old-style gumball machines...
  3. Crafts

    Yarn-wrapped heart garland for Valentine's Day

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    Handmade decorations make any holiday extra special for kids, and this DIY Valentine's Day garland is no exception. Gather the kids...
  4. Cooking Tips & Trends

    Quirky Valentine's Day gifts for the foodie in your life

    Forget about the box of artisanal chocolates and the Ecuadorian red roses this year. Give your food lover a unique gift that they'll...
  5. Valentine's Day

    Him vs. her: Who knows how to properly do Valentine’s Day?

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    Let's face it, women are just better at Valentine's Day than boys are. Here are eight reasons why the girls take the cake on...
  6. Mom & Dad

    Photography tips for your sweethearts

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    There's no better time than Valentine's Day to capture the ones we love most. But way-too-busy kids and husbands who tend to run...
  7. Baking

    White chocolate-stuffed red velvet monkey bread

    Red velvet is a new obsession of mine, and there's no better time of year to satisfy it than Valentine's Day. I've turned everything...
  8. School Age Kids

    10 Non-candy Valentine's Day classroom treats

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    You don't have to add to the Valentine's Day sugar overload at your child's school. Instead, check out these fun and unique...
  9. Entertaining Menus & Recipes

    Go Asian for Valentine's Day dinner

    Valentine's Day dinner doesn't have to be fancy, French or covered in chocolate. In fact, my favorite Valentine's dinner is spent...
  10. Holiday & Seasonal Recipes

    Where to eat when you want romance in the Big Apple

    Cuddle with your honey in one of these super-sexy and romantic restaurants in New York City.
  11. Winter Recipes

    Over-the-top chocolate strawberry Valentine's Day cake

    I can't have Valentine's Day in my house without a pretty pink dessert, much to my husband's chagrin. But I finally think I won him...
  12. Celebrations

    Show your love with heart-shaped pizza

    Pizza never tasted so good. We jazzed it up for Valentine's Day by making it into heart shapes and pairing it with tiny heart-shaped...
  13. Movies & Reviews

    February movie preview: SheKnows picks the flicks

    Looking for love? Try the cinema. February is full of romantic movies with some totally sexy dudes as well as a futuristic crime...
  14. Love & Sex

    10 Romantic getaways for lovebirds

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    From sandy beaches to city skylines, here are our top 10 vacation picks for lovebirds. Trust us, these locations are guaranteed to...
  15. Parenting

    Valentine’s Day-themed bento boxes for kids

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    Armed with a few cookie cutters, some cute food picks and a bit of creativity, you can delight your little ones this Valentine's Day...
  16. Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day: Let's talk about sex, hearts and pretty things

    Do a little dance... bake a little love... get down tonight. That pretty much sums up your ideal Valentine's Day. That and these...
  17. Food & Recipes

    Valentine love bug snacks

    Bring a touch of whimsy to your Valentine's Day with these cute edible ladybugs. Sweet bugs made with chocolate and strawberries...
  18. Food & Recipes

    This fudge is too hot to handle

    Hot cinnamon candies are the perfect addition to creamy white chocolate fudge. This is a great way to spice things up on Valentine's...
  19. Food & Recipes

    3-D lovebird cookies

    Tweet, tweet! This Valentine's Day, skip the chocolate and give your sweetie a lovebird cookie that's almost too cute to eat.
  20. Food & Recipes

    Petite treats for your sweet

    If you want to feel a little fancy, forget regular cake or brownies this Valentine's Day. Surprise your honey (or just yourself) and...