valentine's day cards

  1. Pets & Animals

    Be my smitten-kitten Valentine

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    Still looking for that purr-fect Valentine's Day card or inspiration to craft your own? We've got a warm, fuzzy roundup of the...
  2. Relationships

    What to write in a Valentine's Day card

    Be romantic, but not cheesy, with these cute quotes and phrases for personalized Valentine's Day cards. Whether you're in a new...
  3. Valentine's Family Fun

    DIY celery-painted rose

    Use celery to paint roses on paper for a unique Valentine's Day card. These are sure to make everyone feel the love.
  4. Family Fun

    How to make your own Valentine's Day cards

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    Whether for your kid's classroom Valentine's Day card exchange or a sweet memento for your one and only, spread some love this year...
  5. Valentine's Gift Ideas

    Mailable fortune cookie craft

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    Loved ones will crack open a smile when they receive this giant fortune cookie craft. Make this mailable and memorable valentine...
  6. Well-being

    Sister Valentine card

    Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show your sister just how much you love her. Rather than give her a store-bought card, spend...
  7. Well-being

    Brother Valentine card

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    Even brothers like to get special, handmade Valentine's Day cards. This super-simple card doesn't take much time and is easy enough...
  8. Relationships

    Valentine's Day by the numbers

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    Here's a look at Valentine's Day by the numbers -- what people are giving, doing and spending on this romantic February holiday.