valentine's day

  1. Books

    5 Freaky book picks for February

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    It’s the middle of February, so I know we're all thinking about the same thing: horror. Something about Valentine's Day makes me...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Mariah Carey: Valentine's Day is "all about me"

    Mariah Carey is happily married, and not afraid to share that Valentine's Day is a day for a man to cater to the woman.
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    How Justin Bieber & more stars are spending Valentine's Day

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    How are your favorite stars spending Valentine's Day? We hit Twitter to find out!
  4. Dogs

    These cute pet couples can’t wait to say “I do”

    Their marriages may not be recognized by the state, but these pups could care less. Here are 14 pups dressed in their finest and...
  5. Crafts

    DIY burlap heart wreath

    Display this cute burlap heart wreath anywhere to add some Valentine's Day decor to your home.
  6. Valentine's Family Fun

    Valentine voodoo doll

    Looking for revenge this Valentine's Day? Make sure you get it with these DIY voodoo dolls.
  7. Valentine's Family Fun

    DIY lace votive candleholder

    Make these lace votive candleholders to spice up your home this Valentine's Day.
  8. Relationships

    Send your heartbeat to a loved one this Valentine's Day

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    This Valentine's Day, share not only your heart with someone you love, but your heartbeat. Yes, you read that correctly.
  9. Valentine's Day

    Best romantic movies for when you want him to propose

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    Listen, if you're ready to get engaged we suggest that you first and foremost talk to your significant other about it. Be adults....
  10. Crafts

    DIY heart-striped canvas

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    Show off some heart art on your walls this Valentine's Day. This easy DIY is sure to impress your guests.
  11. Food & Recipes

    Valentine's cake decorating

    Show the love by decorating a cake for your valentine.
  12. Cooking & Entertaining

    Peanut butter heart cookies

    Make some delicious peanut butter cookies with this SheKnows food how-to.
  13. Drink Recipes

    White chocolate martini

    Keep this Valentine's Day sweet and classy with these white chocolate martinis.
  14. Cooking & Entertaining

    Strawberry cheesecake muddy buddies

    This strawberry cheesecake snack is sure to earn you some sugar this Valentine's Day. It has a sweet, varied bite every time!
  15. Cooking & Entertaining

    Red velvet whoopie pies

    Share your heart in the form of a red velvet whoopie pie this Valentine's Day.
  16. Dogs

    Be my Valentine: 14 Adorable dogs that want your love

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    Forget diamonds and roses, there isn't anything sweeter than a puppy for Valentine's Day. These 14 adorable pups show you just why...
  17. Books

    7 Percent of men do what?! Fun facts about romance novels

    Scribd brings us romance by the numbers, and you'll never guess what it says about readers these days. Plus, we've got the hottest...
  18. Cooking & Entertaining

    Valentine's Day don'ts: Foods that make you less kissable

    We’re not judging, but we know that you have some ideas for what might happen this Valentine's Day. We'd hate to see something come...
  19. Pets & Animals

    7 Animal-themed greeting cards that are beyond sweet

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    Want to show your love for animals this Valentine's Day? From whimsical bunnies to puppies in love, we've got a sweet roundup of the...
  20. Pets & Animals

    Be my smitten-kitten Valentine

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    Still looking for that purr-fect Valentine's Day card or inspiration to craft your own? We've got a warm, fuzzy roundup of the...