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  1. Travel

    A foodie's guide to Toronto

    Toronto's mix of cultures has created an enviable dining scene. Check out these hot spots, local favorites and secret chef hideouts.
  2. Travel

    Top 5 Literary tours around the country

    The power of words has transcended barriers for centuries. With wordsmiths like Mark Twain, Jack London and Edgar Allen Poe making...
  3. Travel

    Checking In: Hotel architecture

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    A hotel's design can be as much of a draw as its amenities or the destination. If the walls in these historic hotels could talk,...
  4. Romantic Getaways

    Travel guide to Bath, England

    For centuries, people have been drawn to the city of Bath, England for one reason; to take to the waters. Named for the Roman baths...
  5. Travel

    Frequent Flier: 10 Great things to do in Toronto

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    Culturally diverse, friendly and easy to get around, Toronto has a lot to offer every type of traveler. Clean streets, great parks...
  6. Family Travel

    Top 7 places to picnic along the East Coast

    Summer and autumn are good for two things: exploring and eating. By now, the back-to-school madness is here, but that doesn’t mean...
  7. Travel

    10 Ways to create an affordable staycation

    Taking a two-week trip to an exotic destination sounds like the perfect getaway, but in reality, your time, personal obligations and...
  8. Girlfriend getaways

    Cooking with the French: A cooking class in historic Bordeaux

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    If you want to learn to cook real French food, you probably should start by learning the tricks and tips from a real French chef,...
  9. Travel

    Summer wellness: Travel that does a body good

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    No one likes being bored, so when your body is craving an active vacation that doesn't involve lounging around the pool all week, we...
  10. Adventure Travel

    A culinary adventure: Truffle hunting in Alba, Italy

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    White truffles are the most expensive and sought-after culinary wonders in the world and they can be found in Alba, Italy. Take a...
  11. Travel

    Checking In: Solo travel

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    It’s indulgent. It’s relaxing. It’s quite possibly the best way to experience a new place. Travel by yourself and see the world from...
  12. Girlfriend getaways

    New Las Vegas hotels

    Do we really need to give you a reason to visit Las Vegas next year? If so, here are four.
  13. Travel

    Frequent Flier: A foodie's guide to Singapore

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    Ready for take-off? This week Frequent Flier is heading back to Singapore to focus on all the great food on offer. It's no secret...
  14. Adventure Travel

    Best hikes for thrill-seekers

    Hiking is the perfect way to connect with nature and get a great workout. Check out these top eight hikes for thrill-seekers!
  15. Family Travel

    8 Eco-friendly resorts

    For most people these days, caring about the environment is second nature, like buckling your seatbelt or making your bed....
  16. Travel

    Best hotels around the world for cocktail connoisseurs

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    Some hotels take their cocktails very seriously, and if you enjoy a good tipple now and again, we're showing you where to get one...
  17. Dogs

    Top 10 dog beaches around the U.S.

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    Hitting the beach this summer doesn't mean having to leave your dog behind. Here are the best places to enjoy some fun in the sun...
  18. Travel

    Checking In: Art hotels

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    Art hotels around the country are blurring the line between museums and lodging, making for one creative and memorable stay.
  19. Adventure Travel

    Spectacular destinations for scuba diving and snorkeling

    Whether you're looking for the perfect spot to take in the wonders of nature, to swim with the sharks, squid or other marine life,...
  20. Family Travel

    The best beaches in the Mid-Atlantic

    Forget the party scene on the Jersey Shore. Here are our favorite (and more relaxing) beaches within the Mid-Atlantic region.