1. Travel

    10 Vacation ideas for thrill seekers

    While family activities like Legoland and aquariums are fun (fun-ish, anyway), how can you satisfy the thrill-seeking itch of your...
  2. Family Fun

    8 Tips for the ultimate fun-filled family vacation journey

    Planning a family getaway is stressful, especially when it comes to pleasing every member of the family. (Are we there yet?) Here...
  3. Family Fun

    How to have an awesome family vacation

    Planning a family getaway? This quick guide will help you choose the right hotel, keep the kids entertained and enjoy more merriment...
  4. Family Fun

    10 Rules you should have for family getaways

    As with most things in life, vacations are better with a few parameters. Set a few limits for your family so you can relax without...
  5. Diet & Fitness

    A guide to staying fit during the holidays

    Staying fit at any time of the year is a challenge, but that's especially so during the holidays. It's that time of year when...
  6. Cooking Tips & Trends

    10 Best bakeries in the U.S.

    If you're a carb-aholic, doughnut-fiend or cupcake lovah, check out these top 10 amazing bakeries from around the country. You'll...
  7. Travel

    Bloggers share their favorite travel tricks, tips and tales

    Three bloggers try out Embassy Suites and tell us what they think!
  8. Travel

    Tips for saving money on the road

    Road trips are a blast, but the hit your wallet takes is no fun at all. These tips will help you save money on the road.
  9. Family Fun

    Three-day road trip ideas

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    SheKnows wants to encourage the spirit of adventure in our readers by inviting you to get mobile with your families... and not just...
  10. Mom & Dad

    Tips for a stress-free, regenerating vacation

    Are you planning a quick getaway for Labor Day weekend, or a week away before the warm summer weather ends? Vacation is supposed to...
  11. Family Activities

    Brain trips: 5 Tips to help make family vacations educational

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    It happened when I was 13. Hauled off by my parents for an extended stay in Europe, I quickly found the shutters of my mind blown...
  12. Marriage & Relationships

    5 Destinations for a long weekend away together

    Planning to go away together is a big deal. Whether you’re heading out on vacation for the first time together or it’s your...
  13. Marriage & Relationships

    15 Adventures that will bond you together

    Remember that heart-pounding, light-headed, dizzy feeling you had when you two first met? It’s the same feeling you get from a huge...
  14. Living

    Summer girlfriend getaways: Our top picks

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    Need a break from everything? Gather up your girls and hit the road this summer with these amazing vacay finds!
  15. Family Activities

    Free activities in Alaska

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    Traveling through the great outdoors of Alaska is an incredible experience, but flying from place to place and taking ferries to...
  16. Family Activities

    Park City Mountain Resort – Park City, Utah

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    Spend some time in the great outdoors at this year-round resort, with zip line, alpine slide and more family activities.
  17. Family Activities

    Take the grandchildren to Disney World

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    What better opportunity to spoil the grandchildren than a trip to Disney? And spoil them you can with so many things to see and do...
  18. Family Activities

    Tips for the Orlando theme park-weary

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    When you just can't take another day at the theme parks on your Orlando vacation, consider this advice to give you a little vacation...
  19. Family Activities

    Disney vacation tips: 6 ways to save on your stay

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    Looking for a magical family vacation that won't break the bank? Lou Mongello doesn't work for Disney, but he sure loves the Magical...
  20. Family Activities

    Tips for Disney World first-timers

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    So you've finally decided to head to Walt Disney World! With so much to see and do, it's important to come prepared. Here are some...