1. Outdoor Living

    Unique flower bed and vegetable garden ideas

    You don't need a big yard to grow a garden. Check out these unique ways to create flower beds and vegetable gardens.
  2. Family Fun

    3 Upcycled sweater crafts

    As the seasons change it's time to pull out all of those warm and cozy sweaters. If you have a few sweaters that are too small or...
  3. Family Fun

    Cool uses for old toys

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    Kids go through toys just as fast as they go through clean socks, but tossing discarded playthings in the garbage isn't the only...
  4. Décor & Style

    6 Best wine glasses made from recycled glass

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    What are the holidays without a bit of bubbly or a great glass of wine? Toast your friends and your eco-sense with these great...
  5. Home

    5 uses for old flatware in home decor

    The older you get, the more stuff you seem to accumulate. This is especially true in the kitchen. Before you know it, you're up to...
  6. Home

    5 Best drinking glasses made from recycled glass

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    Great glassware makes even the simplest beverage taste amazing. Beautiful glassware that's made from recycled glass is not only...
  7. Home

    Eco-friendly fashion

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    When shopping for that killer new dress, you have many options. Mini or maxi? Comfort or form-fitting, knock-out silhouette? With...