1. Budgeting & Saving

    Living without a paycheck: How to make ends meet

    Reducing your expenses has never been as vital as it is for those who are unemployed. Let's take a look at some creative ways to...
  2. Budgeting & Saving

    The budgeting survival guide for the unemployed

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    Have you recently lost your job? Maybe you've even been out of work for a while now. We're sharing money management tips for the...
  3. Career Advice

    Helping loved ones cope with a career transition

    At a time when so many people know friends, family and former colleagues who are out of work, we turned to Jean Baur, author of...
  4. Career Advice

    The easiest way to get a job

    If you're employed, finding a new job isn't easy. If you're unemployed, finding a job can be even tougher. Here are a few tips to...
  5. School Age Kids

    How do I tell my kids we're too broke for Christmas?

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    In this installment of Tough Love, Cecily Kellogg from Uppercase Woman offers her advice on how to deal with the effects of a...
  6. Dating

    How to date when you're unemployed

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    In years gone by, a relationship expert might have told you to put dating on hold when you are without a job -- but too many people...