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    Twisted spoilers: Straight from Maddie Hasson

    Spoiler alert! Twisted 's Maddie Hasson gave us the inside scoop on what's ahead.
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    SheKnows exclusive: Join our live Q&A with Maddie Hasson!

    Do you have a burning question for Twisted's Maddie Hasson?! We're hosting a Google Hangout with the ABC Family star on Tuesday at...
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    Twisted recap: So much truth to tell, so little time

    There are spoilers ahead for ABC Family's Twisted episode "The Truth Will Out."
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    Twisted recap: Life's a docu-trauma

    Warning: Spoilers are ahead for a shocker of an episode. You'll never believe how this week's Twisted ended. But was it the truth?
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    Twisted recap: We need to talk about Danny

    So much drama, so little time.
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    Twisted recap: Love on the town square

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    Home is where... your best friend treats you like a leper in public but wants to make out in dark alleys.
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    Twisted recap: Frenemies forever

    What's in the box? Jo will find out and no one will like it when she does. Meanwhile, there are people who want Danny dead. Poor kid.
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    Twisted recap: Jo the joiner

    Warning: Spoilers abound!
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    Twisted recap: "Grief Is a Five-Letter Word"

    The hunt for Regina's killer continues and everyone is itching to know: Is Danny the murderer this time?
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    ABC Family's Twisted theories: Who's the real bad guy?

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    We're only one episode in on ABC Family's brand new drama, Twisted , and there's already been a murder. We've got our theories...
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    Twisted series premiere recap

    ABC Family premiered the new show Twisted tonight, and we're already hooked. Why? Read on...