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    Twilight will not give up the weekend box office

    Not even a new Brad Pitt movie could put a dent in the Twilight conclusion.
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    Vampires propel record-breaking box office weekend

    Twilight, Bond and Lincoln made for a record-breaking weekend at the box office with an incredible $290 million during the...
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    Breaking Dawn — Part 2 was almost rated R

    Thousands of teens lined up to see the last movie in the Twilight franchise over the weekend. But things would have turned out...
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    Breaking Dawn — Part 2 commands weekend box office

    Not even Bond could stop the Twilight pandemonium.
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    Breaking Dawn — Part 2 's opening behind other Twilights

    The film had the sixth best-selling opening day of all time, but it wasn't enough to have the best opening day for a Twilight...
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    Breaking Dawn 2 shooting massacre narrowly avoided

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    Police have arrested a Missouri man who was plotting an Aurora-style movie massacre. With a ticket to a Sunday showing of The...
  7. Books

    Beyond Twilight : New YA series to get hooked on

    Now that the last Twilight movie is out in theaters, it's time to look for some new Young Adult series to thrill and delight you....
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    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 movie review

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    In this final (?) film in the Twilight saga, Bella comes into her own as a vamp, but what about little Renesmee who’s a rare...
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    The sun sets on Twilight : Ideas for immortalizing the franchise

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    While we're stoked about Breaking Dawn — Part 2 hitting theaters this Friday, we're bummed that the final film also brings the end...
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    Renesmee?! Better ways than a bad name to honor Mom

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    Upon discovering Bella was going to have a baby, she and Edward decided to name the little girl… Renesmee?! Yeah, yeah, it’s a mix...
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    A Twilight virgin breaks down Breaking Dawn — Part 2

    I’d like to introduce you to the last female in America who hasn’t read the Twilight books. Me. I only recently watched the movies...
  12. Celebrity Gossip

    PETA upset with Breaking Dawn 2 premiere after-party

    The caged wolves fit in with the theme of the last movie in the Twilight series, but one animal-rights group didn't find it...
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    Edward & Bella's baby: Pregnancy no cure for couple's issues

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    It’s a tale as old as time. Girl meets boy. Girl and boy fall in love. Girl and boy hit a road bump in the relationship. Girl and...
  14. Parenting Tips & Advice

    Parenting tips we can all learn from Twilight

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    Unless you spent the past few years living in seclusion, chances are you know a little something about the Twilight series of...
  15. Celebrity Style

    Kristen Stewart gets cheeky at the Breaking Dawn premiere

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    Kristen Stewart showed off her Zuhair Murad-clad assets at the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 on Monday...
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    Hot new trailer: The Host

    Vampires, move over. Stephenie Meyer has inspired a new love story soon to hit the big screen!
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    Team Edward or Team Jacob? What your Twi-crush reveals

    Since the debut of Stephanie Meyers books about Bella Swan’s adventures among vampires and werewolves, fans began taking sides: Team...
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    Getting hitched? Throw a wedding worthy of Edward & Bella

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    Fans of the Twilight Saga cite the romanticism in the series as one of its most defining factors. In honor of Breaking Dawn — Part...
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    Tinseltown Twi-hards: Celebs bitten by the Twilight craze

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    With Breaking Dawn — Part 2 premiering Friday, Nov. 16, buzz over the Twilight series is deafening... and it isn't coming solely...
  20. Celebrity Style

    3 Chic Twilight -inspired outfits for the Breaking Dawn premiere

    The moment Twihards have been dreading since they picked up the first novel is finally here — the end. You might be planning to be...