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    Kelsey Smith recaps Sweet Home Alabama : Who was "rude and disrespectful"?

    Every week, the bachelorette herself from CMT's Sweet Home Alabama will recap each episode exclusively on SheKnows! This week, she...
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    The Vampire Diaries review: Katherine to the rescue

    Katherine shows her age tonight on The Vampire Diaries . Not by losing more teeth but by suddenly being the wise do-gooder.
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    Sweet Home Alabama 's Kelsey recaps the Season 2 premiere

    Every week, the bachelorette herself from CMT's Sweet Home Alabama will recap each episode, exclusively on SheKnows! This week,...
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    The Vampire Diaries review: Bonnie is back!

    The Vampire Diaries is one whirlwind after another, and we love it! The Silas and Amara story came to a close tonight with...
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    Reign review: Bash gets the girl

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    Spoiler alert! This review contains major details that took place during the episode titled "A Chill in the Air" on Reign.
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    Glee 's Matthew Morrison on twerking: Chord Overstreet was "the worst"

    Glee did its best to put an end to twerking tonight. Will it work? We have Matthew Morrison's answer, as well as the scoop on the...
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    The Originals and more get full season orders

    Twenty-two episodes here we come! The CW is putting faith in its freshman series and ordering full seasons of The Originals ,...
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    The Originals review: Tyler arrives in New Orleans

    The crossover is here! But it's really hard to pay attention to Tyler's plot twist on The Originals when Elijah is walking around...
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    How I Met Your Mother 's Barney meets The Mother

    This week on How I Met Your Mother , Barney met our Mother. And it all happened six months before Lily got to her!
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    Reign review: Mary gets her way

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    Spoiler alert! The following review contains major spoilers for Reign 's oh-so-good episode, "Hearts and minds." Read on if you dare.
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    The Vampire Diaries review: Silas and Amara are reunited

    Well, that wasn't boring! So much happened on tonight's episode of The Vampire Diaries . How many doppelgangers can one show have?
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    The Originals review: Elijah and Hayley heat things up

    This episode of The Originals was full of so many twists and turns it was definitely the craziest yet. The show is ramping up the...
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    How I Met Your Mother : Ted Mosby's proposal

    "Lookit that!" Ted Mosby travels into the future to propose to The Mother on How I Met Your Mother .
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    The Vampire Diaries review: Tyler and Caroline make a decision

    It may be Halloween, but only personal demons are coming out to play on The Vampire Diaries , and the past haunts Katherine in a...
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    Reign review: Mary almost marries

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    Reign 's third episode featured predictable predictions, blood and a wedding proposal all soundtracked by great music. Spoilers ahead!
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    The Vampire Diaries review: C'est la vie, Bonnie

    The Vampire Diaries goes old school this episode and gives us some vintage Delana moments in order to reclaim Stefan's memory. Too...
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    Reign review: Another day, another murder

    There's a price on Mary's head and a possible ghost by her side. While we're still interested, this week's Reign left us less...
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    The Originals review: Davina, girl on fire

    Aww, he really does care! Not only does he put Davina in her place, Klaus also proves tonight on The Originals he cares a lot more...
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    The Vampire Diaries review: Qetsiyah arrives in town

    Say hello to the witch from the other side. She really hates Silas. She really wants revenge. And she's had 2,000 years to decide...
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    Reign review: This season's sexiest premiere

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    Reign's premiere bites its thumb at the critics... and historical accuracy. For that reason: I approve. Spoilers ahead!