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    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. review: Action, secrets, eye candy

    In the pilot episode of Joss Whedon's much-anticipated Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. , the team comes together for a united purpose,...
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    How I Met Your Mother premiere introduces super cute Mother

    The finale season of How I Met Your Mother has begun. We laughed. We cried. We swooned. And... we laughed some more.
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    Dexter series finale review: The end is shocking

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    The ending is definitely bold... and weird, but the best episode of Dexter we've seen in a long time. The show goes out in a way...
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    Under the Dome review: Season 1 finale

    No surprises here. The monarch revelation isn't all that game-changing within the town since we don't know her purpose. What is most...
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    Sleepy Hollow premiere doesn't suck

    Sleepy Hollow premieres with an interesting premise, tons of chemistry and a surprising soundtrack. Conclusion: Approved!
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    5 Must-know facts about The Newsroom Season 2 finale

    WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Newsroom 's Season 2 finale.
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    20 Best moments from The Newsroom 's "Election Night, Part 1"

    This is also known as 20 Reasons we love Aaron Sorkin.
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    Love advice from The White Queen : Fortune favors no one

    All of our past, present and future queens found themselves gaining and losing their wits as fortune continued to play tricks on...
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    Pretty Little Liars : Top 5 things for the show's return

    It was an explosive episode Tuesday night on Pretty Little Liars , and the show is finally leaving us itching for more. Here are...
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    Pretty Little Liars recap: A is finally for answers

    This had better not be a joke or another Mona moment because this reveal is the biggest yet! A's identity has been uncovered. For...
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    Burn Notice recap: Pushed to the breaking point and beyond

    In this episode of Burn Notice , called "Tipping Point," Michael nears the end of his mission but the appearance of one person may...
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    Pretty Little Liars recap: "Bring the Hoe Down"

    The girls attend the school's hoedown hoping to track down information about A, as always. Instead, Hanna finds a stalker that just...
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    Switched at Birth : Season 2 finale leaves us satisfied

    The Switched at Birth Season 2 finale left us (mostly) satisfied. Find out which characters' stories we liked, and which ones left...
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    Mistresses recap: "Indecent Proposals"

    Savi's looking for company in all the wrong places. She is helpless without Harry who paid the bills, bought the groceries and fixed...
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    Under the Dome recap: "The Fourth Hand"

    If the dome causes you to have seizure, it apparently just means it likes you. Norrie, Joe and Angie are all in the club, but they...
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    True Blood : What we'll be waiting for in Season 7

    Last night's season finale wrapped up the drama, took us down the road six months and introduced more drama. Now that we've had a...
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    Dexter recap: "Are We There Yet?"

    Dexter has Hannah on the brain while Zach loses his. Is the brain surgeon back? Or maybe s/he never left.
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    True Blood recap: Season 6 finale

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    Just when you thought True Blood couldn't introduce any more supernatural characters into the mix, Hep V mutates. Here come the...
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    Burn Notice recap: Will Michael ever come back?

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    In this episode of Burn Notice , called "Things Unseen," Michael is asked to do something impossible, while Fi asks Sam and Jesse...
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    Pretty Little Liars recap: "The Mirror Has Three Faces"

    Poor Ezra's been living in a lie and just as his world comes crashing down around him, Aria's seems to be coming together again. Is...