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    Pretty Little Liars recap: "Gamma Zeta Die!"

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    Because Ivy League colleges cost a lot of money. It's hard work, people.
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    Under the Dome recap: "Manhunt"

    A man stands up. A man doesn't screw up, which partly explains why Junior is so messed up.
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    Switched at Birth recap: It's a horrible life

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    In this episode of Switched at Birth , called "Ecce Mono," everything is turned upside down in an alternate reality that reveals...
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    Mistresses recap: "Payback"

    The can of worms is open on Mistresses , but the details about the paternity test are still sealed shut tightly just like Harry's...
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    Dexter recap: "Every Silver Lining"

    Tonight on Dexter , Deb may have more of the killer gene than we anticipated, but she's operating without a code which could lead...
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    The Killing recap: Linden gets in deeper

    In this episode of The Killing , titled "Hope Kills," Holder and Linden discovered that Pastor Mike was hiding frightening secrets,...
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    True Blood recap: "At Last"

    We knew he was Warlow! Problem is Sookie still doesn't... or does she? Finally, True Blood is spicing things up.
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    Twisted recap: Frenemies forever

    What's in the box? Jo will find out and no one will like it when she does. Meanwhile, there are people who want Danny dead. Poor kid.
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    Pretty Little Liars recap: "Face Time"

    Melissa finally releases that tight lip, which makes her look like a whole new person. Forget the juicy details she shares.
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    Natalie Getz recaps The Bachelorette : 8 Bratty teen girls left!

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    Like every week, Natalie Getz spends two hours of her Monday evening watching and judging the men and women on ABC's hit show The...
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    The Goodwin Games finale recap: Everyone gets some closure

    Neil Patrick Harris directed the series finale of The Goodwin Games , where Henry discovers he's not actually a robot, Chloe...
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    Under the Dome recap: "Into the Fire"

    On Under the Dome this week, we discovered that *gasp* the barrier is in fact a dome. No one saw it coming.
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    Mistresses recap: "Decisions, Decisions"

    Savi is ordered by the doctor to lower her blood pressure or she risks the health of her baby. There's only one thing she can do,...
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    Switched at Birth recap: Lots of fireworks

    In this episode of Switched at Birth , titled "He Did What He Wanted," it's the 4th of July and there are lots of fireworks as...
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    Dexter recap: "A Beautiful Day"

    She obviously doesn't have the psychopath gene. Poor Deb is taking her first kill hard, snorting lines and sleeping with a drug...
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    True Blood recap: "You're No Good"

    Warlow begins his bad and dirty plan in Bon Temps, while Billith starts a mission to save the vampires at all costs.
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    The Killing recap: A new suspect comes to light

    In this episode of The Killing , titled "Eminent Domain," Linden and Holder continue to follow the trail of the killer and come...
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    Graceland recap: Sleeping with the enemy

    What kind of trouble will the housemates of Graceland find themselves in this week? Let's just say there's more than one...
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    Burn Notice recap: Was it all worth it?

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    In this episode of Burn Notice , called "Brothers in Arms," Michael gets closer than ever to discovering what Burke's plan is, but...
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    Pretty Little Liars recap: "Cat's Cradle"

    Ali's face is everywhere thanks to a creepy mask she had made of herself. And the liars discover she's not the only one who wanted...