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    The Newsroom recap: "The Genoa Tip"

    Welcome back to September 2011. Let News Night refresh your memory.
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    Dexter recap: "Scar Tissue"

    Deb plans a killer crash course for Dexter. And just when we thought she might be back to her lovable, f-bomb dropping self. How...
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    True Blood recap: "Do You Feel Me"

    Not one major death but two on tonight's episode. One made us cry, and the other made us clap. Still, it doesn't feel like the dying...
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    Graceland recap: "Hello. My name is Paul..."

    SPOILER ALERT! Ho. Ly. Crap. Everything went down this week on Graceland 's episode "Hair of the Dog." If you haven't yet seen the...
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    Burn Notice recap: Michael goes all in

    In this episode of Burn Notice titled "All or Nothing," Michael and Fi are forced to work together again, but Michael ultimately...
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    Pretty Little Liars recap: "Under the Gun"

    Shana is the newest addition to Rosewood High, much to the liars' dismay, but they have bigger problems. Did anyone actually think...
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    Natalie Getz recaps The Bachelorette : Goodbye, Zak!

    My predictions weren't too off-base... well, maybe a little? I did predict Zak would go, so I got at least one thing right!
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    Switched at Birth recap: This is the new reality

    In this episode of Switched at Birth , called "The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living," John is...
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    Under the Dome recap: "Outbreak"

    Junior is busy saving the town from a meningitis outbreak while Angie tries to keep from drowning. Junior's chivalry may be short...
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    Mistresses recap: "All In"

    Move over Savi. That baby is yesterday's news as the other girls and their drama take center stage. Sam is stalking Karen and, oh...
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    Dexter recap: "What's Eating Dexter Morgan?"

    It's confession time for Deb, who has so much guilt that the alcohol can't wash it away. Good thing Quinn still can't see the bad in...
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    The Newsroom recap: Season 2 premiere

    Spoilers ahead! And, don't forget: This episode takes place in August 2011 and December or January 2012.
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    True Blood recap: Welcome to Vamp Camp

    Burrell's FBI takes almost every vampire into custody, except Billith and Ben who are too focused on Sookie to realize all their...
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    Graceland recap: Mike hunts Bigfoot

    In this episode of Graceland , called "O-Mouth," Mike gets close to Bello and ends up on the trail of Bigfoot, while Briggs and...
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    Burn Notice recap: New player makes the rules

    In this episode of Burn Notice , called "Exit Plan," Michael changes gears and leads Sam and Jesse as they follow Sonya's lead....
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    Twisted recap: Love on the town square

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    Home is where... your best friend treats you like a leper in public but wants to make out in dark alleys.
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    Pretty Little Liars recap: "Gamma Zeta Die!"

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    Because Ivy League colleges cost a lot of money. It's hard work, people.
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    Under the Dome recap: "Manhunt"

    A man stands up. A man doesn't screw up, which partly explains why Junior is so messed up.
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    Switched at Birth recap: It's a horrible life

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    In this episode of Switched at Birth , called "Ecce Mono," everything is turned upside down in an alternate reality that reveals...
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    Mistresses recap: "Payback"

    The can of worms is open on Mistresses , but the details about the paternity test are still sealed shut tightly just like Harry's...