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    24: Live Another Day review: A final sacrifice?

    Simone survives the bus accident but is nearly killed by a new danger while Jack and Kate try to get whatever information they can...
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    Murder in the First review: We all had a dream world as kids

    Murder in the First is somewhere between The Social Network and True Detective , and while no new territory is covered in its...
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    Orange Is the New Black Season 2 binge-watch review

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    Welcome back to Litchfield for another season of make-outs, mayhem and even a little bit of attempted murder.
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    Game of Thrones review: Call him Sam the secret weapon

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    This episode of Game of Thrones surprisingly focused solely on the Night's Watch, aka Jon stepping up as a leader and Sam stepping...
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    Mistresses : What to expect in Season 2

    It's time to buy a fan, ladies. Season 2 of Mistresses is upping the drama, the stakes and, obviously, the sex. And we thought...
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    The Bachelorette : What did you think of Eric's sendoff?

    It was a dramatic exit but, for better or for worse, The Bachelorette didn't shy away from showing deceased cast member Eric...
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    Game of Thrones review: The best television showdown ever

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    It's trial by combat time and that pristine concrete gets a healthy coat of red. This episode of Game of Thrones was not for the...
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    The Bachelorette review: Don't quit your day job

    Good thing The Bachelorette guys are gainfully employed and good looking, because harmony is not their style. Speaking of sour...
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    Mad Men midseason finale: 6 Best Bert Cooper moments

    We're going to miss Bert Cooper when Mad Men returns in 2015. Let's take a look back as his best moments from the first six and a...
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    24: Live Another Day review: Bang and blame

    Jack is briefly reunited with Audrey, Margot's plan is partially put into play, Naveed tries to be a hero and Kate works with Chloe...
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    24: Live Another Day review: Help from above

    Jack gets into the embassy, finding himself trapped and forced to take hostages, but ends up getting help from someone he never...
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    The Bachelorette review: Best and worst premiere moments

    The Bachelorette premiere provided all sorts of talk-able moments: a party crasher, cookies and man tears all on night one? Yup,...
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    Game of Thrones review: You killed my sister, prepare to die

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    Oberyn Martell has officially made his way onto our favorite characters list for Game of Thrones after tonight's epic speech. Of...
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    Mad Men review: A new kind of family

    Warning: The below review contains major spoilers for Mad Men 's episode, "The Strategy." Do not read unless you've watched the...
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    The Vampire Diaries review: The harsh blow of a finale

    Forget Stefan's heart, ours has just been ripped out with this finale. The Vampire Diaries is killing us with the Season 5...
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    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. review: Time to rebuild

    Coulson leads his team deep into Cybertek and Hydra works to cut off the head of the snake, while Fitz and Simmons fight for their...
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    The Originals review: A WTF, OMG season finale we love

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    This might just be the best season finale we've ever seen. The Originals brought it home tonight with a bundle of joy and an...
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    24: Live Another Day review: No one gets what they want

    Jack and Chloe lose Simone and the device, Kate and Ritter lost Jack again, and President Heller wins the battle, but loses the way...
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    Game of Thrones review: A mockery for a mock trial

    It's less of a trial and more of a show. Either way, it's judgment day for Tyrion on Game of Thrones . Don't worry, he's delivering...
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    Penny Dreadful review: A unique but twisted premiere

    A show that proposes we all have a dark, secretive side, Penny Dreadful may turn out to be just the dark drama TV needs. Maybe.