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    The most truly ridiculous names on television

    We've seen some crazy names for TV characters over the years. Here are our picks for the most ridiculous ones out there.
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    Murder In The First review: Be my Doberman

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    Kathleen Robertson knocks it out of the park in the third episode as Mulligan battles with her conscience after shooting and killing...
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    The Bachelorette review: The secret admirer is uncovered

    Forget who's here for the right reasons on The Bachelorette . Who doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom? And which guy...
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    24: Live Another Day review: New challenge accepted

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    Jack and the rest of the good guys have a minor victory, but the triumph is short-lived when a new threat rears its head in "7:00...
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    Switched at Birth review: Under the radar

    Bay and Emmett inadvertently learn a surprising secret about Matthew; Daphne and Campbell hit a rough spot; Kathryn has a choice to...
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    True Blood review: Season 7 premieres with death, of course

    The final season of True Blood is here, but not even all of the characters are sticking through until the end. Should you? Here's...
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    Playing House Season 1 finale: 5 Moments of tears & laughter

    We take a look at five moments from the Playing House season finale that had us laughing and crying.
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    Pretty Little Liars review: Mrs. D is unburied but secrets are not

    Welcome back to "planet Alison" on Pretty Little Liars , everyone, where the only thing bigger than the drama are the lies.
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    Murder in the First review: Freaky is good

    Murder in the First turns up the heat with its excellent character work but hits a standstill when the tone turns toward standard...
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    24: Live Another Day review: The Jack and Heller show

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    Jack helps Heller initiate his plan with the help of Mark, Kate makes a tough decision to get the truth out of Simone and Jordan...
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    Switched at Birth review: The morning after

    Bay reveals what happened with Emmett and has to take some surprising steps, Daphne decides to take things into her own hands and...
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    Game of Thrones review: An unfitting Father's Day tribute

    We're already thankful for the amazing men in our lives, but the Game of Thrones Season 4 finale caps it off with the most...
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    Graceland Season 2 premiere: Same players, new games

    Mike finds that life at Graceland has gone on without him in his absence, Briggs has settled into some semblance of adult life and...
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    Pretty Little Liars review: There's no way [spoiler] is A

    We definitely call a decoy in our midst on the Pretty Little Liars Season 5 premiere. There is no way A is going down that easily.
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    The Bachelorette review: Is Nick this season's bad guy?

    The squabbling has begun on The Bachelorette . And you'd better believe it's only the beginning. You be the judge of this season's...
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    24: Live Another Day review: A final sacrifice?

    Simone survives the bus accident but is nearly killed by a new danger while Jack and Kate try to get whatever information they can...
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    Murder in the First review: We all had a dream world as kids

    Murder in the First is somewhere between The Social Network and True Detective , and while no new territory is covered in its...
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    Orange Is the New Black Season 2 binge-watch review

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    Welcome back to Litchfield for another season of make-outs, mayhem and even a little bit of attempted murder.
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    Game of Thrones review: Call him Sam the secret weapon

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    This episode of Game of Thrones surprisingly focused solely on the Night's Watch, aka Jon stepping up as a leader and Sam stepping...
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    Mistresses : What to expect in Season 2

    It's time to buy a fan, ladies. Season 2 of Mistresses is upping the drama, the stakes and, obviously, the sex. And we thought...