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    Pretty Little Liars review: Haleb is back on, rebel style

    Pretty Little Liars fans rejoice! Hanna and Caleb are back together. Well, sort of, at least. They're pulling an Aria and Ezra and...
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    Murder in the First review: Mark's suicide note solved

    When Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson) takes the stand to give her testimony in this week's Murder in the First , she never loses her...
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    Switched at Birth review: Life goes on for some, but it sucks

    Bay goes looking for a connection to her father and discovers a frightening secret, while Daphne takes her anger to dangerous...
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    The Night Shift Season 2: Keep us hooked, tone it down

    In The Night Shift Season 1 finale, the excitement rose to epic levels and the character-driven drama was right on point. All of...
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    Pretty Little Liars review: A new, tech-savvy A

    The new A is back with some technology upgrades that have Ali running for the hills. In a Snapchat-like move, A is covering his/her...
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    Murder in the First review: The trial begins

    This week's episode of Murder in the First ended the same way it began: bookended with surprises and startling turns.
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    24: Live Another Day review: Jack has nothing left to lose

    Jack rushes to capture Cheng in time to prevent a war with China, but after a different kind of tragedy, he may just decide he has...
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    The Bachelorette review: No fantasy suite for one

    Andi sends one guy packing early tonight on The Bachelorette . The love wasn't there so neither was the fantasy suite.
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    Switched at Birth : The hardest decision of all

    Some people regret past decisions, while others fantasize about a future that may never be as Angelo's life hangs in the balance in...
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    REVIEW: Hemlock Grove Season 2 in one gory binge-watch

    Another year, another season of fraught relationships and messy, bloody gore.
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    Extant premiere review: In space, no one can hear you yawn

    Comparisons to Alfonso Cuarón's masterpiece, Gravity , were always inevitable for Extant . Female astronaut alone in space? Check....
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    Pretty Little Liars review: Caleb, Jenna aren't the only ones to return

    The 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars really went out with a bang. No, we mean literally. We have to give the show props for...
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    Murder In The First review: Liar, liar

    The best part of this episode fell into the last five minutes. What wouldn't we suffer through to listen to Taye Diggs sing the...
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    The Bachelorette review: A rose ceremony for the books

    It may be cliché at this point, but if there was ever a time for Chris Harrison to describe a rose ceremony as, "the most dramatic...
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    24: Live Another Day review: Holding all the cards

    The good guys took more than a few beatings, thanks to Jack and Audrey's old enemy in 24: Live Another Day "9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m."
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    Switched at Birth review: Who was in danger?

    When Switched at Birth started this episode with a phone call to Kathryn and John about an accident, I knew that this was probably...
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    Witches of East End Season 2 premiere: Fortune favors the bold

    When we last left off in the Witches world, Joanna (Julia Ormond) had just been poisoned and Ingrid (Rachel Boston) opened the...
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    Pretty Little Liars review: 'A' might actually be for Alison

    Pretty Little Liars has come full circle and is now pointing the 'A' finger at Alison. Could the uber-liar also be the Uber-A...
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    Murder in the First review: The surprise kiss

    Murder in the First 's big kiss tonight changes the relationship between Hildy and Mulligan as Erich's defense runs into its...
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    Beauty and the Beast : Questions for the season finale

    Last night's episode leaves us with a few things we want to see resolved in the season finale.