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    Is True Detective Season 2 Elisabeth Moss' post- Mad Men move?

    We're closing in on True Detective heading into production for its second season, and another new face is in talks to join the team.
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    Longmire canceled but may live on a new network

    All good cowboys know that the sun has to set sometime.
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    Adrianne Palicki gets recruited for Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is hitting it out of the park when it comes to casting Season 2.
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    That was fast! Starz renews Outlander for Season 2

    Raise your hand if you saw this coming as soon as the beautiful credits for the pilot rolled.
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    Six seasons and a movie! Community is almost back

    The "six seasons and a movie" rallying cry of Community 's hardcore fans has finally paid off.
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    American Horror Story : Get your freak on, Patti LaBelle

    American Horror Story is no stranger to a star-studded cast, and the fourth season is shaping up to be no exception.
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    The new Doctor Who gets big welcome with theatrical release

    Are you ready to go back to Victorian London, Whovians?
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    DirecTV tries to join Netflix, Hulu with new original series Kingdom : Can they compete?

    With the premiere of Kingdom on Oct. 8, DirecTV is beginning to launch its own lineup of original programming, a move popularized...
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    Rhea Perlman brings her trademark sass to The Mindy Project

    Mindy's met the little brother and the estranged dad, but now her new romance with Danny faces the mother of all challenges.
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    Colin Farrell on True Detective ? The Season 2 rumors heat up

    Finally, some word on the new season of True Detective . Despite rumors that the second season would switch it up with two female...
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    How the Powerpuff reboot is going to change your daughter's self-image

    The Powerpuff Girls are set to relaunch with a brand-new series in 2016. Here's why even the adults among us should be thrilled...
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    Heathens rejoice: Salem renewed for Season 2

    WGN America's startling endeavor into scripted television, Salem has done remarkably well. So well, in fact, it was just picked up...
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    Doctor Who adds new character: Will Clara get a boyfriend?

    The new Doctor has a new (possible) friend, and his name is Danny Pink. How will they meet and why? We're sorting through the...
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    Heroes is back?! 5 Other shows that must return immediately

    First words out of our mouths: "They're bringing back Heroes but not Firefly ? That's BS!" Heroes was great and everything, but...
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    POLL: What do you think of Capaldi's new look on Doctor Who

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    A new Doc is in the house and he's wearing a whole new set of outfits... including exceptionally bada** kicks! See the new outfit...
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    Marlee Matlin joins Glee 's Nationals guest lineup

    Glee continues to amp up for the big Nationals episode of Season 5. This week we've learned Marlee Matlin has been pulled into the...
  17. Celebrity Gossip

    Flipping Out 's Jenni Pulos welcomes baby girl

    Aw! Jeff Lewis Design has a new office member.
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    Guess who's coming to Suits ?

    What's next for Lady Stark? It looks like she'll be bellying up to the prosecutor's table. (Or maybe she's the defendant? Guess...
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    NBC renews Revolution , Parenthood and more

    NBC renews their five biggest dramas — fans rejoice.