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  1. Gifts

    Gift ideas for the TV fanatic

    Searching for the perfect gift for a TV fanatic this holiday? Get the inside scoop on what's topping her wish list.
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    9 High-tech remotes perfect for the TV fanatic

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    Home-theater essentials

    If you're a family full of movie buffs, a home theater is a must-have. And with the small fortune you spend going out to the movies...
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    Smoking Samsung sales

    Unless you're living off the grid, you're going to have people on your list who want the season's hottest electronics. Everyone has...
  5. Television

    5 Cool gifts for TV lovers

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    Best entertainment gifts for the season

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  7. Television

    Gift idea: Best TV shows for a weekend binge session

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    Gifts for the serious gamer

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  9. Entertainment

    Gifts and gear to get you through a zombie apocalypse

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    Between bath salts and clandestine government experiments, an epidemic of the undead seems right around the corner. This holiday...
  10. Television

    Gifts sure to hit a high note with the Gleek in your life

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    Shopping for a friend or family member known as a New Directions fanatic? From Glee gear to letter sweaters, we've got gift ideas...
  11. Electronics

    Accessories for the techno guy

    Your tech-whiz may have all the devices he could ever want, but just in case he doesn't we've come up with a few alternative options...
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    Gifts for your male BFF

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    Sometimes, we all need a little male perspective on life’s toughest issues. For the girls who keep their male best friends on speed...