1. Relationships

    What Friends taught me about love

    Even though I've seen every Friends episode more than once and own every season on DVD, I'll still watch reruns and TBS marathons...
  2. Television

    The Leftovers : Spoilers from the book

    HBO's new summer show The Leftovers is off to a spooky start. We've seen some great book-to-TV adaptations from HBO, with Game of...
  3. Television

    Our favorite quotes from TV's funniest women

    As we always suspected, our favorite TV funny women are wiser than just their wisecracks. Some have insight to offer about feminism...
  4. Television

    How to be a good BFF according to TV

    Great friendships on the small screen are the emotional core of a television show. That's no different in the real world, where...
  5. Television

    New TV trend: Less-than-manly love interests

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    Forget those bulging muscles and scruffy beards, in TV Land clean-cut guys are king. Though they may be less-than-manly when it...
  6. Books

    Fiction meets TV: A Downton Abbey mash up

    We all love our television shows... Downton Abbey, anyone? But what do we do when they're on hiatus and we must wait months for...
  7. Television

    Was Pan Am canceled?

    ABC has been forced to debunk talk that its period drama, Pan Am, is on the chopping block after Karine Vanasse, who plays a flight...
  8. Television

    Best ATWT's dramatic moments

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    C'mon! What's a soap opera without drama, scandal and catfights? It's what keeps us glued to the plasma, watching our daytime faves...