1. Fall Fashion

    Best fall sweater trends for wedge-shaped figures

    Every sweater is not suited for every woman. Consider these fall sweaters that will look fabulous on a wedge-shaped figure.
  2. Fashion for Moms

    Dress styles for every mom

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    Whether you work in a conservative office or stay at home with the kids, you can get into some of the season's hottest trends in...
  3. Fashion & Style

    Tribal-inspired tunics for less

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    Tribal-inspired tops feature bold patterns and rich colors, and these big, fun prints look especially fabulous on easy-to-wear tunics.
  4. Fashion & Style

    How to dress yourself thinner

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    Whether you have five pounds to lose or 25, you can look slimmer by choosing the right clothes. When shopping, keep these style...
  5. Fall Fashion

    20 Fall sweaters under $50

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    So maybe you aren’t looking forward to the cold weather, but if you are anything like me you are definitely looking forward to...