tuna salad recipes

  1. Healthy Recipes

    Gluten-free grilled tuna salad with creamy sesame-garlic dressing

    Summer food is all about salads and grilling (and ice cream too, but that's another recipe). Try combining grilled fish and salad,...
  2. Cooking & Entertaining

    Tuna, white bean and roasted fennel salad

    Skip the sandwiches… use this tuna, white bean and roasted fennel salad as an appetizer to make perfect Mediterranean-inspired...
  3. Cooking & Entertaining

    Sunday dinner: Tuna and spinach salad sandwich wraps

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    Filling and full of flavor, this sandwich wrap is a great way to get a meal together quickly. Served with fruit, this makes a...
  4. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Curried tuna salad

    Whip up a gourmet picnic dish in minutes by jazzing up canned tuna. This curried tuna salad is big of flavor and perfect spread on...