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    True Blood recap: "Life Matters"

    True Blood remembered the times this week through Terry's funeral. A nice little episode that brought us back to the roots of the...
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    True Blood recap: "Dead Meat"

    They're dead if they do, dead if they don't. Or just dead to begin with. The group that refuses to drink the new Tru Blood laced...
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    True Blood recap: "In the Evening"

    Eric and Nora manage to escape from Vamp Camp, but they're the only ones not having a good time. The rest are getting some action...
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    True Blood recap: "Do You Feel Me"

    Not one major death but two on tonight's episode. One made us cry, and the other made us clap. Still, it doesn't feel like the dying...
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    True Blood recap: Welcome to Vamp Camp

    Burrell's FBI takes almost every vampire into custody, except Billith and Ben who are too focused on Sookie to realize all their...
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    Watch it or read it: Popular books with serious screen time

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    There is always controversy when a book gets made into a movie or a television show. TV and movie watchers appreciate seeing the...
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    True Blood recap: "At Last"

    We knew he was Warlow! Problem is Sookie still doesn't... or does she? Finally, True Blood is spicing things up.
  8. Television

    True Blood recap: "You're No Good"

    Warlow begins his bad and dirty plan in Bon Temps, while Billith starts a mission to save the vampires at all costs.
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    Scott Foley's 6 best TV roles

    Scott Foley has played everything from sweet and funny guys to tough and bad*ss guys. Find out which of his TV roles we think are...
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    True Blood recap: "The Sun"

    Now that Sookie's kicked Eric to the curb on True Blood , it's time for her to be an independent, new woman. With another sexy man...
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    True Blood reveals secrets from the set

    Not only did HBO spend the day tweeting pictures from the set, it also premiered its first ever live broadcast from Fangtasia,...
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    True Blood recap: "Who Are You, Really?"

    Nothing like a little father bonding to celebrate the return of True Blood and Father's Day. Bill may have become Billith, but...
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    True Blood Season 6 spoilers

    Big changes are coming on True Blood , and one of the principal characters won't make it to the end of the season.
  14. Television

    True Blood 's Lauren Bowles talks Season 6 spoilers

    We’re chatting with one of our favorite Merlotte’s waitresses, True Blood 's Lauren Bowles, about what we can expect from Season 6.
  15. Celebrity Gossip

    Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer: Twins' names revealed!

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    Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have done their best to keep their twins away from the paparazzi. But it was dad who accidentally...
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    EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Sneak peek at Da Vinci's Demons

    As you may already know, we're pretty wrapped up in the new show Da Vinci's Demons on Starz. Check out this exclusive clip!
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    10 gay TV couples we want hitched

    We want more gay weddings on television! Remember when Sex and the City 's Stanford and Anthony tied the knot? It was fabulous! And...
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    Exclusive clip: Alexander Skarsgard in What Maisie Knew

    Alexander Skarsgard is a long way from the vampire-filled town of Bon Temps.
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    True Blood Season 6 sneak peek!

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    Two months and counting until True Blood is back and badder than ever!
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    True Blood Season 6 premiere date set!

    HBO has announced True Blood 's return date. What's in store for Season 6?