trouble with the curve

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    Timberlake tries to get laid in exclusive Trouble with the Curve clip

    The Trouble With the Curve DVD release is rounding third and nearly home, so here's an exclusive clip to hold you over until the big...
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    Hotel Transylvania bites off competition for top box office spot

    Halloween is just around the corner, and Hotel Transylvania proves vampires never go out of style. This Dracula-and-daughter...
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    End of Watch takes No. 1 spot at box office

    It was neck-and-neck this weekend at the box office with three new films vying for number one, but the cop drama about LA’s gang...
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    Trouble With The Curve movie review: Clint talks to a baseball

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    Clint hits a home run in this baseball movie with a daughter looking to connect with a father who never committed to her after her...
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    Despite controversy, Eastwood may just come out on top

    Despite the interesting month Clint Eastwood has had, his fans may still put his new movie Trouble With the Curve on top this weekend.
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    Will Eastwood's RNC appearance hurt his new movie at the box office?

    When the actor appeared on stage at the Republican National Convention, no one knew it would be talked about for weeks thereafter....