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    Traveling with a new baby

    The thought of traveling with a baby can create a lot of anxiety. If you add more children to that thought, you might as well give...
  2. Family Fun

    Quick packing tips for the whole family

    Heading out of town? Better get packing! Here's everything you need (and some things you don't) for the ultimate family getaway.
  3. Family Fun

    5 Family travel tips to make your life easier

    With the right preparation, you can smooth out some of the rough spots that pop up when traveling with young children. Snacks, games...
  4. Family Fun

    7 Ideas for a last-minute family getaway

    Want to plan a last-minute vacation? Timing and flexibility are key to scoring the best deals in prime travel destinations. We asked...
  5. Family Fun

    How to have an awesome family vacation

    Planning a family getaway? This quick guide will help you choose the right hotel, keep the kids entertained and enjoy more merriment...
  6. Family Activities

    Cruising with preschoolers: Crazy or fun?

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    With four kids between ages 3 and 5, it's not easy to travel together as a family. However, it's not impossible. And my husband and...
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    Best family-friendly cities to visit

    Choosing a family vacation destination can be overwhelming. Narrow down your list with our top picks for the nation's most...
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    How to plan the perfect family weekend getaway

    Planning a vacation for the family? We asked travel industry experts and experienced parents to share their tips for planning the...
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    Weekend trip ideas kids and parents can enjoy

    You may be an experienced traveler, but traveling with kids is another story. Wondering how you can plan a vacation both kids and...
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    Be the fun mom! Surprise your family with a getaway

    Ever wanted to surprise the kids with a weekend trip? Well, what are you waiting for? We asked experienced parents how to pull off...
  11. How-To

    How to plan a family cruise

    Planning a family cruise can be stressful. However, if you've ever been on a cruise, you'll know that it's one of the best ways to...
  12. Parenting Tips & Advice

    Finally! Trauma-free toddler holiday travel

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    Does the idea of flying with your toddler give you heart palpitations and sweat rings — and this is while you're nowhere near an...
  13. Family Travel

    A survival guide to traveling with young children

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    With the holidays right around the corner, you may be traveling to visit friends and family. And if you have toddlers, be prepared...
  14. Family Activities

    A magical family adventure on Disney Cruise Line

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    October was a big month in our household. We finalized our son's adoption (our fourth adoption from foster care) and the next day,...
  15. Baby & Toddler

    Know before you go: Baby's first camping trip

    Family camping trips can be a whole lot of fun -- roasting marshmallows, hiking through the woods and sleeping under the stars....
  16. Family Activities

    Go RVing: Fun family travel

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    One of the fastest growing markets for RV travel is families with children. If you have never gone on an RV trip, you might be...
  17. Parenting

    Families around the world: Life in Abu Dhabi

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    Can you imagine packing up your family and moving abroad? The thought may very well give you a slight panic attack or it may induce...
  18. Family Activities

    8 Hints for a happy family vacation

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    Happy family vacation is not an oxymoron. Yes, traveling with kids can be a nightmare, but the vacations you take together make...
  19. Baby & Toddler

    Baby's first road trip

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    If you're headed on a road trip this summer and you have a baby 12 months old or younger, you may be anticipating a difficult...
  20. Family Activities

    Kid-friendly vacation rentals

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    With summer fast approaching, families everywhere are lining up vacation rentals and debating on which locations are best with kids...