1. Travel

    The Westin Phoenix Downtown

    Whether you're traveling on business or just for fun, The Westin Phoenix Downtown is a prime choice. From stellar guest rooms to a...
  2. Travel

    Long weekend getaways

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    A routine day leads to a routine week, which leads to a routine month and so on.
  3. Travel

    Booking your travel: past, present and future

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    When traveling, figuring out where to go and how you're going to get there can often be half the battle. While travel has certainly...
  4. Travel

    Should you hire a guide when traveling abroad?

    So you're traveling abroad to a new country for the first time. You're excited, but feeling a little overwhelmed since there is so...
  5. Travel

    Tips for packing fragile souvenirs

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    Maybe you visited wine country and want to bring back a bottle or two of vino to remember your trip. Or perhaps you purchased a...
  6. Travel

    Checking In: Westin hotels

    Healthy living is a core principle at the Westin Hotels & Resorts. These five Westin hotels all feature the brand’s nutrient-rich...
  7. Family Fun

    Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota

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    Regardless of how many images you’ve seen of Mount Rushmore, nothing can prepare you for the breathtaking experience of seeing it...
  8. Family Fun

    Favorite travel games

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    Are we there yet? On your way to your destination, help your family pass the time with these favorite travel games.
  9. Travel

    Checking In: New hotel spas

    Vacations are supposed to be about rest and relaxation. What better way to rejuvenate on the road than with a little spa pick-me-up?...
  10. Travel

    A laid-back long weekend in Berlin

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    The capital of Germany, Berlin is a hip and stylish metropolis where history and modern culture collide. With all the sights to see,...
  11. Travel

    A food lover's guide to northern Vermont

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    Instead of an expensive European vacation this summer, consider a visit to beautiful northern Vermont. Visit local dairies,...
  12. Travel

    Checking In: Wheels for rent

    Exploring destination hot spots is easier thanks to these hotel car, bike and motorcycle rental programs. So, what are you waiting...
  13. Travel

    7 Outdoor adventure getaways for couples

    Are you and your partner the adventurous type? Are you just looking to put a little excitement back in your relationship? Give one...
  14. Travel

    5 Must-have compact electronics for travel

    When people say they love “travel,” they really mean that they love going places. The process of getting there? Not so much....
  15. Travel

    Most beautiful vacation spots to photograph

    Want to make sure you have stellar photographs to fill your albums after your vacation? Choose one of these destinations, all filled...
  16. Travel

    Tips for documenting your summer vacation

    Whether you are taking your kids to Florida or traveling Europe with your BFF, documenting your summer vacation is a must. Chronicle...
  17. Travel

    Create a summer vacation travel blog

    Back in the day, people showed off their summer vacation photos to family and friends via slide projector weeks or even months after...
  18. Travel

    The long flight survival guide

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    Airline travel can be tiring no matter the length of the trip, but long flights are particularly grueling. They don’t have to...
  19. SheKnows TV: City Guide

    7 Family travel adventures

    Looking to add some excitement to your family's travel plans? Pack your bags! These seven vacation destinations are perfect for...
  20. Travel

    Spend the day in Santa Barbara

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    Santa Barbara is bursting at the seams with things to do, places to eat and best of all, wine to drink. Spend a day hitting some of...