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    Checking In: Winter travel

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    Freezing temps may have you itching for a warm getaway, but we think it’s more fun to embrace winter’s romance.
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    Live like royalty: 5 Hotels that were once royal residences

    Vacation is a time to treat yourself, especially after the stressful holiday season. Feel like royalty for a few days at a hotel...
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    Frequent Flier: Travel guide to St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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    Ready for takeoff? This week Frequent Flier is heading to the stunning southern Caribbean island chain of St. Vincent and the...
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    New travel hot spots for 2014

    It's that time again when trends for the coming year take center stage. Wondering where to go in 2014? We have the scoop on the top...
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    Tales from a flight attendant: Surviving holiday travel

    Being a better traveler can lead to a better holiday-travel experience. Here are a few tips from a flight attendant.
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    How to zap the fear of flying

    Do you cringe with anxiety every time the possibility of a flight comes up? Learn how to zap this fear and start enjoying traveling!
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    Travel guide to Aruba

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    The term “Caribbean” takes many a mind to long beaches and turquoise water (which is lovely), but there’s a lot more to Aruba that...
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    How to deal with culture shock

    Depending on where you travel, you might end up feeling overwhelmed by a sensory overload of new sights and experiences. Rather than...
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    Frequent Flier: Visiting Copán Ruinas in Honduras

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    Ready for take off? This week Frequent Flier is heading to Honduras. Often just referred to as Copán, this beautiful Honduran town...
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    How to plan a safe Mexico vacation

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    With scorching temps, beautiful beaches, historic ruins and a vibrant culture, Mexico is a vacationer’s paradise. But the barrage of...
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    Signs it's time to book a digital detox

    For the past few years, digital-detox vacations have been getting more and more popular, but do you need one? We're sharing some...
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    Hotels vs. hostels: Which one is right for you?

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    When you're traveling, whether as a family, as a couple or solo, hostels are a great option for saving some money. But are hostels...
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    Frequent Flier: What to see and do in San Juan

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    Ready for take-off? This week Frequent Flier is taking in the sights and sounds of San Juan. We're showing you the best in where to...
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    Best rooftop lounges

    Thanks to these five, fall-friendly rooftop lounges around the country, sharing a sip and some high-level cuddling in some of our...
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    Worst holiday travel experiences

    Travel is stressful and the holidays are even more stressful. Take a deep breath as you read these holiday travel nightmares!
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    Travel guide to Norfolk, Virginia

    Because of its large naval base and shipping industry, Norfolk's reputation used to be synonymous with crime, drunken sailors and...
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    A travel guide to Plymouth, Massachusetts

    Celebrate Thanksgiving in the town where it all began!
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    Test drive the new GMC Denali

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    We know it's economical to drive to our destination on a family vacation, but it's not always an enjoyable adventure. Cathy Droz...
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    Latin American hot spots

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    We've focused on where to go in Asia. This time the spotlight is on Latin America, with our guide to which spots to check out beyond...
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    Old-school car games to play

    Back before the advent of portable DVD players and iPods, children somehow managed to survive cross-country road trips using good...