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    How I experienced the world's most romantic city alone

    It's 4:30 a.m. St. Pancras station is cold and mostly empty, a drained kind of empty that anticipates a second swell. The girl...
  2. Relationships

    My new relationship requirement, thanks to Bill Murray

    I have a new rule when it comes to relationships. I know what you're thinking, "Rules? Yay, you sound like a dream to date," but...
  3. Living

    Gorgeous travel destinations that are cheaper than you think

    If the term "budget-friendly travel" makes you cringe with dread, think again. These gorgeous destinations are worthy of your bucket...
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    5 Hometowns with hilarious claims to fame

    If you're planning a road trip this summer, you may want to make a small detour to one of these five towns. With hilarious claims to...
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    Going abroad this summer? 10 Customs to look forward to

    Summer travel isn't all about 'Merica. Don't miss out on the truly delightful cultural experiences that you can find in these...
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    Want to buy happiness? Spend money on these experiences

    Research now proves what some of us figured out a long time ago: money really can make you happy... if it makes a great memory.
  7. Living

    Round the world tickets and other unique travel ideas

    The travel industry has seen some creative and unconventional innovations over the last several years, many of which enhance an...
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    10 Vacation ideas for thrill seekers

    While family activities like Legoland and aquariums are fun (fun-ish, anyway), how can you satisfy the thrill-seeking itch of your...
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    Travel adventures everyone should try

    Travel just isn't the same without a hint of wild adventure. Add these traveling adventures to your bucket list for a dose of...
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    12 Totally walkable cities to visit

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    Don't shell out the money for a rental car or metro pass when you can walk to your heart's content in these twelve vacation-worthy...
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    Best places to celebrate Mardi Gras

    Mardi Gras is on Tuesday, March 4 this year. How do you plan on celebrating?
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    Best trips you can take by train in North America

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    In the age of faster, lighter and more compact, train travel is now among the slowest modes of transportation, and yet people flock...
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    My top-10 travel resolutions (and how to achieve them)

    My resolutions are always the same — lose weight, save money and eat better — and year after year, they never really seem to come to...
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    20 Travel destinations you must see before you die

    Traveling isn’t a luxury; it's a necessary activity to complete and understand the human soul. Going through life without seeing the...
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    5 U.S. islands you have to visit

    Craving an exotic vacation that comes with a beach, lighthouses and all the seafood you can stuff your face with? Before you rush to...
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    Glamping in California

    If bugs and dirt aren't for you, go camping in the lap of luxury at these California glamping hot spots.
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    Be the fun mom! Surprise your family with a getaway

    Ever wanted to surprise the kids with a weekend trip? Well, what are you waiting for? We asked experienced parents how to pull off...
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    Photo guide to Bordeaux

    Thanks to 10 years of dedicated work to remove the soot from the medieval and Renaissance buildings, and a thriving and picturesque...
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    Best day trips in Arizona

    Arizona isn't just the desert and the Grand Canyon. If day trips are your thing, Arizona is your place. Here, we’re looking at the...
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    Best zip lines in the world

    Feel like you're in a rut? Need a dose of adventure and excitement? There's really no better way to get a rush than to fly down a...