1. Travel

    Why your Labor Day weekend travel plans are likely to be a disaster

    If you're traveling this Labor Day weekend, it may be time to rethink. This bonus holiday at the end of the summer seems like the...
  2. Travel

    Should airlines ban peanuts to protect people with food allergies?

    Imagine what it would be like to have difficulty breathing in the middle of a cross-country flight. Or even worse, imagine what it...
  3. Travel

    Road tripping down Route 66 alone with my 9-month-old baby

    So far I've driven over 770 miles, eaten 12 chicken wings, two fried chicken breasts, one-half slab of ribs, one corn dog, two...
  4. Tips & Advice

    How to travel alone with your kids without going nuts

    Vacationing solo with your kids? It can be a serious handful. We talked to seasoned pros to find out how to make traveling alone...
  5. Relationships

    My new relationship requirement, thanks to Bill Murray

    I have a new rule when it comes to relationships. I know what you're thinking, "Rules? Yay, you sound like a dream to date," but...
  6. Living

    Gorgeous travel destinations that are cheaper than you think

    If the term "budget-friendly travel" makes you cringe with dread, think again. These gorgeous destinations are worthy of your bucket...
  7. Tips & Advice

    How to deal when your husband's always on the road

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    When a spouse travels for work, much of the parenting falls on the partner left behind. This can be challenging for both parents and...
  8. Living

    Going abroad this summer? 10 Customs to look forward to

    Summer travel isn't all about 'Merica. Don't miss out on the truly delightful cultural experiences that you can find in these...
  9. Healthy Recipes

    Chicken papaya soup is a bowl of wonderful

    You guys, seriously. Papaya soup. It's the bomb.
  10. Travel

    Flip-flop-approved summer destinations

    This year, don't waste that smoking hot pedicure on a staycation. Instead, pack your flip-flops and head to one of these sizzlingly...
  11. Travel

    Book these summer trips for serious relaxation

    When it heats up outside, it's time to chill. Check out these calming vacation destinations for summer trips that will leave you...
  12. School & Education

    Family travel and roadschooling

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    Education through travel has become more popular in recent years, with some homeschool families doing the majority of their...
  13. Dogs

    Summer travel destinations for dogs

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    Whether you're bringing your dog along on a family vacation or planning a fun trip with just you and your furry friend, mark these...
  14. Living How-Tos

    How to make your summer plans actually happen

    It’s easy to make big summer plans, but not so easy to actually bring those plans into fruition. Life gets in the way. Road trips...
  15. Travel

    5 Ways people invade your personal space on airplanes

    We love to travel, but flying can cramp our style. Some people just don't grasp the concept of personal space.
  16. Living

    Time for a vacation: Boost your career by having a life

    It seems counterintuitive, right? To be better at your job, you should go on vacation. But studies have shown that because of the...
  17. Travel

    12 Awesome family travel blogs

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    Looking for some inspiration and advice for hitting the road with your family? These 12 travel experts make packing up everyone from...
  18. Travel

    9 Realistic tips for stress-free travel

    Planning a vacation and dealing with airport security can be stressful enough, but when you have young children the stakes feel a...
  19. Travel

    Top 10 Ecotourism destinations for families

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    Experience natural beauty the world over at some of the globe's most amazing ecotourism destinations for the whole family.