1. Travel

    Use these travel "dead zones" to score cheap tickets for flights

    Everyone knows holiday travel is the kiss of death. It's not even fall yet, and already travelers are gearing up to face the worst...
  2. Travel

    Dutch woman's photo hoax proves that 'fake-cays' are the new 'stay-cays'

    It seems like everyone on Facebook is going on vacation to some exotic locale you could never afford. But how much of that is real?...
  3. Travel

    World's first smartship amps up tech to attract new cruisers

    Say what you will, but I am obsessed with cruising. Ever since my first cruise a few years ago, I love everything that being at sea...
  4. Outdoor Living

    Glass-bottom pools that will absolutely terrify you

    If you've got a fear of heights, this is not the article for you. Mix adventure with pleasure as you take a dip into one of these...
  5. Travel

    Seriously, Malaysia Airlines? You asked customers about their bucket lists?

    Malaysia Airlines is in hot water. It would be an understatement to say that customers aren't happy with the content of its latest...
  6. Travel

    You're paying too much for airfare if you don't use this booking tip

    The days of using a travel agent are long gone, and most of us are not strangers to online booking. In fact, booking plane tickets...
  7. Travel

    Smelly passengers are worse than crying babies on airplanes

    There are a few things that you can do to get kicked off a plane: Make a threat, fight with other passengers over legroom, bring an...
  8. Travel

    Why it's OK to travel with kids during the school year

    Let's say — hypothetically, of course — that you didn't get your act together in time for summer travel with the family.
  9. Travel

    Road trip: Should you rent a car or drive your own?

    Looking to save money on your road trip? Whether you are making a cross country trek to Wally World with the family or taking a...
  10. Travel

    10 Gorgeous places you'll enjoy more if you bring a car

    Some destinations are best enjoyed with a vehicle. When you plan these gorgeous trips, plan to take your car or schedule a rental.
  11. Travel

    11 U.S. cities you didn't know are kid-friendly

    This year, forget vacation destinations that bill themselves as kid-friendly. These 11 cities are well known for their grown-up...
  12. Travel

    Why your Labor Day weekend travel plans are likely to be a disaster

    If you're traveling this Labor Day weekend, it may be time to rethink. This bonus holiday at the end of the summer seems like the...
  13. Travel

    Should airlines ban peanuts to protect people with food allergies?

    Imagine what it would be like to have difficulty breathing in the middle of a cross-country flight. Or even worse, imagine what it...
  14. Travel

    Road tripping down Route 66 alone with my 9-month-old baby

    So far I've driven over 770 miles, eaten 12 chicken wings, two fried chicken breasts, one-half slab of ribs, one corn dog, two...
  15. Tips & Advice

    How to travel alone with your kids without going nuts

    Vacationing solo with your kids? It can be a serious handful. We talked to seasoned pros to find out how to make traveling alone...
  16. Relationships

    My new relationship requirement, thanks to Bill Murray

    I have a new rule when it comes to relationships. I know what you're thinking, "Rules? Yay, you sound like a dream to date," but...
  17. Living

    Gorgeous travel destinations that are cheaper than you think

    If the term "budget-friendly travel" makes you cringe with dread, think again. These gorgeous destinations are worthy of your bucket...
  18. Tips & Advice

    How to deal when your husband's always on the road

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    When a spouse travels for work, much of the parenting falls on the partner left behind. This can be challenging for both parents and...
  19. Living

    Going abroad this summer? 10 Customs to look forward to

    Summer travel isn't all about 'Merica. Don't miss out on the truly delightful cultural experiences that you can find in these...