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    Poor Tori Spelling hurt by Ian Ziering's "train wreck" comment

    Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling have a long history together and have known each other for more than two decades, so it's not...
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    Who knew? Mystery Girls gets better with every episode

    Mystery Girls didn't give the best impression when it started out but, surprisingly enough, it's slowly starting to get better....
  3. Television

    Sneak peek: Mystery Girls hit a haunted house

    Mystery Girls investigate a haunted house in the Wednesday, July 9 episode, titled "Haunted House Party."
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    Tori Spelling working it out with Dean for their four kids

    Tori Spelling divorce rumors need to simmer down a notch. The actress, who has made her marriage troubles with Dean McDermott...
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    Tori Spelling ominously drops Dean from her Twitter handle

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    Tori Spelling has broken up with husband, Dean McDermott, on social media. Although the changing of her Twitter handle could be...
  6. Television

    Mystery Girls review: Little bit of funny, a lot of confusion

    We do our best to get to the bottom of the great mystery in the Mystery Girls episode: What happened to the pilot?
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    Mystery Girls sneak peek: Crimes, comedy and Tori Spelling

    We take a closer look at Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth's new ABC Family series, Mystery Girls . Check out photos and preview videos.
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    #NoKidsPolicy: Scary celeb stories that prove it's overdue

    Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's campaign urging people to stop supporting publications that run unauthorized pics of celebrity kids...
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    Tori Spelling reportedly consulting divorce attorneys

    Is it the end of the road for this Hollywood couple? Reports are coming in that Tori Spelling is consulting divorce attorneys around...
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    Tori Spelling: Putting her troubled marriage before her health

    Hasn't she gone through enough lately? Tori Spelling's health crisis is just another thing she needs to deal with right now.
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    VIDEO: Was Tori Spelling's hospital stay faked for reality show?

    Tori Spelling's marriage drama has been playing out on her Lifetime reality show, but how much of it is done just for the cameras?
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    Poor Tori Spelling! Marriage woes & now hospitalization

    Tori Spelling has had a difficult few months because of her failing marriage and the betrayal of her husband. Her troubles appear to...
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    Tori Spelling calls Dean a liar: We had a very good sex life

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    Tori Spelling has a big decision ahead of her: whether or not to stay with her cheating husband Dean McDermott.
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    Tori Spelling on husband's cheating: "It's hard & I miss him"

    Tori Spelling opens up about her husband Dean McDermott's affair during her new reality show's premiere as she drives to see him in...
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    Celebrity sex tapes: A complete list

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    The cautionary tales of celebs caught in sex tape scandals aren't deterring Hollywood's fetish for amateur boudoir videography,...
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    Tori Spelling on cheating husband: He broke my heart

    Tori Spelling opened up about her troubled marriage and how husband Dean McDermott's cheating broke her heart.
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    Dean McDermott out of rehab, he wants Tori to get help now

    It's been one long saga for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott. The couple is trying their best to reunite their family.
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    Is Candy Spelling encouraging Tori & Dean to reconcile?

    Candy Spelling is offering her daughter some advice by telling Tori to give her marriage a second shot. Do you agree?
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    Tori Spelling struggling to keep family together

    Tori Spelling has been very busy trying to keep her family together after husband Dean McDermott entered rehab for personal issues.
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    Tori Spelling can't afford a divorce

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    Tori Spelling wants to kick her cheating husband to the curb — but she just can't afford to.