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    Is Tom Cruise already over Katie?

    Tom Cruise sure moves fast! Within literally days of his quickie divorce to third wife Katie Holmes, the star is reportedly back on...
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    How we think Tom & Katie explained the divorce to Suri

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    How did Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes break the news about their divorce to daughter Suri Cruise? This hilarious video -- produced by...
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    Suri and Tom Cruise have been video chatting

    Tom Cruise just wrapped his movie in Iceland, and according to his lawyer, he will be seeing his daughter Suri very soon.
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    Playing Cupid for Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and Mr. Gibson

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    Celebrity marriages are dropping like flies in Beverly Hills, leaving some of 90210’s most eligible up for grabs. Since these celebs...
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    5 Stars who should hide out on Friday the 13th

    Bad luck has been plaguing a few of our Hollywood favorites lately. Every day has been Friday the 13th for these wretched celebs....
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    Exes unite! How Nicole Kidman helped Katie Holmes "escape"

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    We've been hearing a lot in recent days about how Katie Holmes "escaped" a marriage apparently going nowhere -- and the strange...
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    Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: The world's fastest divorce

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    The Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce drama is already over: They signed a divorce settlement Monday after marathon negotiations...
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    What do Tom's former flames have in common?

    With all the dirty laundry being aired in the wake of Tom Cruise's impending divorce from Katie Holmes, finding the fourth Mrs....
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    Tom Cruise's real-life mission: Damage control

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    In the days following the divorce filing heard round the world, several headlines have surfaced that make Katie Holmes out to be the...
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    Soon-to-be-divorced Tom Cruise tops highest-paid actors list

    Tom Cruise unseated Leonardo DiCaprio as Hollywood's highest-paid actor. Forbes usually releases its buzzy list of the richest stars...
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    Katie Holmes' (net) worth could go up after divorce

    Katie Holmes' current net worth is nothing to sneeze at, but with the money she is asking in her divorce, plus the possibility of...
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    Hot trailer: Tom Cruise kicks booty in Jack Reacher

    It’s his birthday, his wife is divorcing him and the new trailer for his action thriller hits the market. Only in Hollywood can one...
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    Katie Holmes shows up to judge Project Runway: All Stars

    With an impending divorce, it looks like Katie Holmes is having the last laugh. She showed up for a guest judge appearance on...
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    Rupert Murdoch gets "100s of attacks" over Scientology tweet

    Looks like Rupert Murdoch is facing backlash from Scientologists after the News Corp. mogul took to Twitter to share his thoughts...
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    Famous July birthday baby names

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    If you are expecting a baby in July or have a birthday this month, you may be curious as to what famous celebrities share your birth...
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    Scientology's plans for Suri: Reason for Tom, Katie's divorce?

    Since the time Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise, Scientology-watchers half-jokingly speculated about whether the actress could escape...
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    The first 5 things Katie Holmes will do after her divorce

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    We’ve all watched a much different Katie emerge after marrying Tom Cruise. We've seen a glowing, confident, impeccably dressed young...
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    Why did Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise split?

    They seemed to have the perfect marriage in the beginning. How did things go so wrong so fast?
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    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorcing

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    The hottest story out of Hollywood today is the announcement that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting divorced. The couple have...
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    Katie Holmes to Tom Cruise: I want Suri!

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    Katie Holmes is going full-speed ahead with her divorce from Tom Cruise. The latest news? She wants full custody of the couple's...