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    Is a "vengeful" Al Roker out to destroy Today ?

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    We hardly think of Al Roker as vengeful and anything less than jolly and cheery. But there may be more than meets the eye to the...
  2. Television

    Al Roker is on Team Ann Curry

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    Think the co-anchors on NBC's Today show don't take sides? Think again: Al Roker made a quip on Thursday's show that makes us...
  3. Television

    Ann Curry's awkward 1st appearance on Today set since firing

    There was a chill in London Thursday morning, emanating from the temporary set built for Today 's coverage of the Summer Games....
  4. Television

    NBC kicked Ann Curry to the curb over gray hair?

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    Ann Curry was unceremoniously dumped from The Today Show after 15 years and given no real reason why. Was age discrimination to...
  5. Olympics

    Did NBC bring Hoda Kotb to London because of bad ratings?

    There was a report that Kotb's trip to London was an emergency necessitated by bad ratings, but NBC said that couldn't be further...
  6. Television

    NBC president: "My heart goes out to Ann Curry"

    It's been nearly a month since Ann Curry left NBC's Today Show . Unfortunately, the drama surrounding her departure was still fresh...
  7. Celebrity Gossip

    Kathie Lee is headed to Broadway

    Kathie Lee's play has spent the last year on a Seattle stage, but this fall, it is headed to Broadway.
  8. Entertainment

    Elton John talks about why it took him so long to come out

    Elton John told Matt Lauer in an interview this morning that the reason he didn't publicly come out sooner was simply because no one...
  9. Television

    Savannah Guthrie & Today make the news headline news

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    The Today Show has blurred the lines between reporting the news and being the news for weeks now. With Savannah Guthrie's smiling...
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    Is Natalie Morales "snubbed enough" to leave Today ?

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    It was all smiles as Savannah Guthrie started the week in her new role as Today co-host alongside Matt Lauer. But Ann Curry...
  11. Television

    Star Jones: Anderson Cooper came out for the ratings!

    On the Today Show this morning, Star Jones says: Forget about all that high and mighty stuff Anderson Cooper wrote about in his...
  12. Television

    Ann Curry's emotional goodbye on Today

    With Today Show colleagues Matt Lauer, Al Roker and Natalie Morales by her side, Ann Curry broke down as she told Today viewers...
  13. Celebrity Gossip

    Insiders: Savannah Guthrie to replace Ann Curry on Today

    There's been intense speculation about the identity of the anchorette to succeed Ann Curry as Matt Lauer's sidekick on Today. Would...
  14. Television

    Reports: NBC to pay Ann Curry $10 million

    After a week of rumors, we may know Curry's fate very soon. How much is the network willing to pay to get the show they want?
  15. Television

    Ann Curry out, Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie in?

    While NBC still hasn't officially said that Ann Curry is getting the boot, it's probably the worst-kept secret in New York and media...
  16. Television

    Ann Curry's fans fighting for her to stay on The Today Show

    Just days after the rumors started that she is being booted off of the The Today Show , Ann Curry's fans are attempting to take...
  17. Television

    Ann Curry admits she's quaking in her Today Show boots

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    Even Ann Curry knows that her mornings on The Today Show may soon be no more, but did you know she has spoken about the possibility...
  18. Celebrity Gossip

    Why NBC is telling Ann Curry to scurry

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    Headlines are shouting that Ann Curry may be disinvited from co-hosting the Today Show with Matt Lauer after just a year. NBC is...
  19. Television

    Is Ann Curry leaving The Today Show after only one year?

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    After only a year on the long-running morning show, sources are saying Curry is on her way out. But that doesn't mean she will be...
  20. Television

    Kathie Lee steps in it big time with Martin Short

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    Kathie Lee is no stranger to putting her foot in her mouth, but today really took the cake. Find out what she asked guest Martin...