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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    Chris Hemsworth's wife stood in for Thor kissing scene

    Chris Hemsworth's kiss with Natalie Portman at the end of Thor 2 was so passionate, it was hard to believe it was acting. But it...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Thor's Tom Hiddleston proves that he's hot and humble

    Tom Hiddleston is such a sweetheart. The actor recently made a group of kids' wildest dreams come true with a visit from Loki himself.
  3. Entertainment

    November movie preview: SheKnows picks the flicks

    The cinema is heating up as awards season is officially here! While many of November's movies are making us hungry for popcorn, it’s...
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    New Thor clips take us into The Dark World

    This November, Thor: The Dark World will be at a theater near you. To tide you over, here are three new clips from the Marvel...
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    Marvel's extended TV spot for Thor: The Dark World

    Thor's back in a new promo for the upcoming sequel, Thor: The Dark World . The god of thunder joins forces with Loki (his nemesis)...
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    Thor: The Dark World trailer brings thunder and snark

    Thor: The Dark World is upon us. Marvel Studios has unleashed a new trailer for their latest blockbuster. This fall, prepare for...
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    YouTube Geek Week gets first dibs on Thor 2 trailer

    Marvel's preparing us for another round of Thor. Next month, they'll release a new trailer for The Dark World, which will...
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    4 New movies at Comic-Con that left us stoked

    We love Captain America and everything, but these new films have us even more giddy. Thanks, Comic-Con, for the introduction.
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    Major Marvel news: More 3D and Ant-Man's release date

    Marvel Studios has made a decision regarding their superhero lineup. First, they've finally given Ant-Man a release date. And...
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    Thor 2 synopsis reveals the cosmos in crisis

    Thor isn't out of the woods yet. There's still trouble brewing for the superhero. Marvel's just released the official synopsis for...
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    Bad guy brigade! Iron Man and Thor find villains

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    Marvel's giving the god of thunder a run for his money. The studio has found the perfect actor to play his latest foil in Thor 2....
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    Monster director Patty Jenkins might tackle Thor 2

    Marvel Studios is looking for a new and insightful director to take over their Thor franchise. Following the exit of Kenneth...