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    Looper lands top DVD release

    Time travel, Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt with a prosthetic nose fought their way to our No. 1 release this week with the...
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    Possession doubles up on No. 1 box office spot

    Despite the particularly low numbers at the box office this past weekend, The Possession managed to hang onto the No. 1 spot two...
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    The Words ' Ben Barnes: “I’m basically a glorified Ken doll”

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    The gorgeous Ben Barnes and sexy Bradley Cooper make for an eye-catching cast in The Words. But Barnes admits even he gets a little...
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    Bradley Cooper & Words director Brian Klugman were "dorks"

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    The Words star Bradley Cooper and actor/director Brian Klugman talk about taking their friendship from the Philly suburbs to...
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    Bradley Cooper steals long-lost love story in The Words

    In this exclusive clip from Bradley Cooper’s new movie, The Words, SheKnows takes you back in time to the love story that inspired...