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    No surprise here: Walking Dead sets ratings record

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    The Walking Dead 's premiere was a smashing success. Even the Grammys couldn't keep viewers away. The zombie series is back with a...
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    The Walking Dead recap: Rick's losing his mind

    The Walking Dead is back and we finally get answers to the questions that have plagued us for months! It's even better than fans...
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    Killer celeb cameos for The Walking Dead

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    With the second half premiere this Sunday, we can't wait to devour Season 3 of The Walking Dead . To quell our appetite for killer...
  4. Television

    Spoiled: What's ahead for Walking Dead

    Merle's back and swinging for a different team. (Not like that! But wouldn't he be appalled? Muahaha!) Will brotherly love conquer...
  5. Cooking & Entertaining

    Zombie-inspired recipes for the return of The Walking Dead

    Are you obsessed with The Walking Dead? If so, we've created a ghastly, zombie-inspired menu for your viewing party, complete with...
  6. Television

    The Walking Dead sneak peek: Here comes the Governor

    Papa's got a brand new patch! And by "papa" we mean "the Governor," and by "patch" we mean... an eye patch.
  7. Television

    The Walking Dead 's Andrea finally gets a clue

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    The Walking Dead 's done keeping Andrea in the dark. When the show returns, she'll be brought up to speed on the horrors of...
  8. Television

    Has Once Upon a Time cast another Disney princess?

    Once Upon a Time has hired another pretty face. Sonequa Martin-Green has joined the show in a mysterious role. As with all...
  9. Television

    In case of zombie apocalypse: Don't do these things

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    What if Dec. 21 is the beginning of the zombie apocalypse? Will you be prepared?
  10. Movies

    Hollywood Heroes we expect to save the world on Dec. 21, 2012

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    In the spirit of Mayan predictions, we've compiled a team of heroes to help us survive the end of the world. Hey, if nothing else,...
  11. Television

    Television for a post-apocalyptic life

    As we're all well aware, the Mayans predicted the world would end on Dec. 21, 2012. While we don't actually believe them, what if...
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    You'll never see how The Walking Dead began

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    Wanna know how The Walking Dead's zombie outbreak started? The creator says, "Too bad." But, he offers up some other...
  13. Television

    AFI's top 10 of 2012 favors Girls , Batman and zombies

    2012 is almost over and everyone's counting down the best shows and movies of the year. The American Film Institute has announced...
  14. Television

    The Walking Dead finally casts fan favorite

    Once again, The Walking Dead is tapping its comic book roots. The zombie drama's pulled in another character who will appear on...
  15. Entertainment

    Best entertainment gifts for the season

    Sometimes the hardest gifts to buy are those for the entertainment junkie. Sure, there’s the typical DVD boxed set or popular CD,...
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    Gift idea: Best TV shows for a weekend binge session

    Never underestimate the power of a good TV show to add untapped joy to someone's life. Behold: The best, most addictive...
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    An interview with Lauren Cohan from The Walking Dead

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    If you've been keeping up with The Walking Dead's gruesome gore and gut-wrenching glimpses into apocalyptic terror — you're probably...
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    The Walking Dead : Another episode, another massacre

    The Walking Dead has no problem killing off characters. This week, they stuck with tradition and axed a few series regulars. The...
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    The Walking Dead 's Rick is 'going to the dark side'

    The Walking Dead is about to kick it up a notch. If you thought Sunday's premiere was exciting, you ain't seen nothing yet....
  20. Television

    Walking Dead Season 3 premiere is a ratings monster!

    The Walking Dead is back with a bang. The zombie drama's returned with a record-breaking Season 3 premiere. Last night belonged to...