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    The Walking Dead recap: The ultimate sacrifice

    On this episode of The Walking Dead , called "This Sorrowful Life," Merle does what he thinks no one can and forces Rick to make a...
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    The Walking Dead preview: "This Sorrowful Life"

    Rick and his team must decide whether sacrificing Michonne to the Governor is worth it, and Merle (gasp!) grows a conscience.
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    Why The Walking Dead wins with women

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    Women are flocking to watch AMC's hit zombie drama. What is it that makes it so popular with the ladies?
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    The Walking Dead recap: Andrea is in trouble

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    On this episode of The Walking Dead , called "Prey," Andrea finds herself in a very difficult situation as she discovers the...
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    The Walking Dead preview: "Prey"

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    Andrea finally realizes who The Governor is and what he's capable of, but can she really kill him this time?
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    The Walking Dead recap: Rick and The Governor face off

    Rick and The Governor finally come face to face to talk and the result could be the death of an important person.
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    The Walking Dead recap: Morgan's back!

    Rick runs into an old friend when he leaves the prison in search of weapons. Sadly, he's not the man he used to be or the ally Rick...
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    AMC confirms The Walking Dead 's new boss

    The Walking Dead 's getting a behind-the-scenes makeover. The hit AMC drama has hired a new showrunner. Wednesday, the network...
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    The Walking Dead recap: There's a war on the way

    Andrea finally decides to do some investigating of her own at the prison, which will get the group in a whole lot of trouble.
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    Law and Order: SVU tackles "legitimate rape" scandal

    Law and Order: SVU is no stranger to controversial topics. This season, it'll cover the recent political attacks on women —...
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    The Walking Dead recap: Prison yard invasion

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    Glenn tries to emerge as the leader while Rick's dealing with seeing the ghost of his wife, but will he be enough to stop the...
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    Drinking game: Drunk on Walking Dead

    You may have slayed your weekly to-do list at work, but the overtime is killing you.
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    No surprise here: Walking Dead sets ratings record

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    The Walking Dead 's premiere was a smashing success. Even the Grammys couldn't keep viewers away. The zombie series is back with a...
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    The Walking Dead recap: Rick's losing his mind

    The Walking Dead is back and we finally get answers to the questions that have plagued us for months! It's even better than fans...
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    Killer celeb cameos for The Walking Dead

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    With the second half premiere this Sunday, we can't wait to devour Season 3 of The Walking Dead . To quell our appetite for killer...
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    Spoiled: What's ahead for Walking Dead

    Merle's back and swinging for a different team. (Not like that! But wouldn't he be appalled? Muahaha!) Will brotherly love conquer...
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    Zombie-inspired recipes for the return of The Walking Dead

    Are you obsessed with The Walking Dead? If so, we've created a ghastly, zombie-inspired menu for your viewing party, complete with...
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    The Walking Dead sneak peek: Here comes the Governor

    Papa's got a brand new patch! And by "papa" we mean "the Governor," and by "patch" we mean... an eye patch.
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    The Walking Dead 's Andrea finally gets a clue

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    The Walking Dead 's done keeping Andrea in the dark. When the show returns, she'll be brought up to speed on the horrors of...
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    Has Once Upon a Time cast another Disney princess?

    Once Upon a Time has hired another pretty face. Sonequa Martin-Green has joined the show in a mysterious role. As with all...