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    Comic-Con 2014: The Walking Dead 's Norman Reedus on future romance

    Fans of The Walking Dead have been on one hell of a ride for the last several months. In Season 4, they watched as the gruff and...
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    The Walking Dead Season 5 trailer is upon us

    Though you'll have to wait until October to get your full Walking Dead fix, AMC has released a teaser for its fifth season in...
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    7 Shows you didn't know are crazy popular in other countries

    While Hollywood loves to borrow shows from other countries and reinvent them for American audiences, many of our original shows have...
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    The Walking Dead : How safe is Terminus?

    Some of The Walking Dead survivors have reached Terminus. But, will the seemingly safe place turn out to be a place of sanctuary...
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    The Walking Dead sneak peek: Tyreese and Carol split up?

    We take a look at preview photos and a sneak-peek clip from the Sunday, March 16 episode of The Walking Dead , "The Grove."
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    Say it ain't so! Is The Walking Dead setting up Daryl and Beth?

    In a recent episode of The Walking Dead , Daryl and Beth seemed to be growing much closer. Could this mean that the two of them are...
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    The Walking Dead sneak peek: Can Rick give up control?

    Michonne and Rick make a big decision, and at least one new player will be introduced. We've got a sneak-peek preview video plus...
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    The Walking Dead sneak peek: Has Daryl lost hope?

    Beth and Daryl are out on their own after the prison disaster, but you might be surprised to find out who's in charge of their...
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    5 Reasons The Walking Dead 's Rick and Michonne should totally hook up

    In a world torn apart by an apocalypse, Rick and Michonne are two people who seem to be made for each other. We've got five reasons...
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    A Glenn and Daryl romance? Secrets from The Walking Dead

    The cast of The Walking Dead made an appearance on Conan O'Brien's talk show and revealed who they wanted to see hook up, which of...
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    The Walking Dead Season 4 sneak peek videos: Who will survive?

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    Watch sneak peek videos from The Walking Dead Season 4 and read our predictions of what could happen when the show returns on...
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    5 Things to do until The Walking Dead returns on Feb. 9

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    Going crazy waiting for The Walking Dead Season 4 to return? We've got some fun activities to keep you occupied.
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    12 Must-watch TV moments of 2013

    All of those early lists are overrated. 2013 doesn't end until midnight on Dec. 31st, right? Here's our look at the best TV moments...
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    What now? The Walking Dead finale destroys everything

    In The Walking Dead Season 4 mid-season finale "Too Far Gone," the Governor completely reverted to his old self and destroyed what...
  15. Movies

    Does a major Walking Dead star have a role in The Crow ?

    The cast of The Crow reboot is growing. Sources claim one of The Walking Dead 's biggest stars may be joining the cast.
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    The Walking Dead 's ex-showrunner's scathing words for AMC

    Frank Darabont has some scathing words about being fired as The Walking Dead 's showrunner. He's not holding anything back, so look...
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    POLL: Should The Walking Dead keep the good Governor?

    The most recent episode of The Walking Dead introduced a new, quieter Governor. Has he been redeemed, and if so, do we really want...
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    The Walking Dead 's Steven Yeun on how to kick zombie butt

    Steven Yeun talks about what it takes to get in shape to outrun walkers on The Walking Dead and about Glenn's journey in Season 4.
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    Braaaainz! The Walking Dead renewed for Season 5

    AMC has made the most anti-climactic announcement ever: They're renewing ratings powerhouse The Walking Dead for a fifth season.
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    The Walking Dead Season 4: Who's the traitor?

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    Someone has been feeding walkers and burning bodies in the prison. Is it the same person doing both? Take a look at a possible list...