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    The Vampire Diaries review: A directorial debut to remember

    He's a man of many talents. Paul Wesley, who stars as Stefan on The Vampire Diaries , made his directing debut with tonight's...
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    POLL: Could The Vampire Diaries ' Enzo be Caroline's forever?

    Caroline's got quite the juggling act of men this season on The Vampire Diaries. First Jesse, then Tyler and Klaus, and it looks a...
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    The Vampire Diaries review: Get outta your mind

    Happy-go-lucky Elena is a girl of the past. Tonight's The Vampire Diaries pushes her over the edge. So much for Katherine's death...
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    The Vampire Diaries review: Katherine doesn't go gently

    Katherine finally gets what's coming to her on The Vampire Diaries . I think we can all agree it's long overdue, and we couldn't...
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    The Vampire Diaries review: Kat's out of the bag

    On the bright side of The Vampire Diaries , at least Damon's craving for vampire blood inadvertently led to Stefan and Caroline...
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    The Vampire Diaries casts two new faces: Will they live?

    Enzo gets a love interest and Elena gets a new BFF after Aaron on The Vampire Diaries . They may have recurring roles, but that...
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    Fantasy gets another year! The CW announces early renewals

    We can all breathe a small sigh of relief, The CW has announced that The Vampire Diaries , Arrow and Supernatural , along with...
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    Hiss all you want: Caroline & Klaus' love is eternal

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    Love is in the air! We've got a crush this Valentine's Day on The Vampire Diaries ' couple Caroline and Klaus.
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    The Vampire Diaries ' Paul Wesley makes "suspenseful" directing debut

    Paul Wesley, who plays heartthrob Stefan Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries , will step behind the camera this season, making him the...
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    The Vampire Diaries review: Damon falls off the wagon big time

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    Forget trying to bring Elena back to life — The Vampire Diaries has bigger problems in the form of Damon. There's a chance he's...
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    The Vampire Diaries review: Damon keeps bleeding love

    This episode of The Vampire Diaries is heartbreaking, to say the least. Old habits die hard and so does Damon's love for Elena.
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    The Vampire Diaries sneak peek: Everyone wants Elena's body

    Damon could just be the hitch in Nadia's plan to save Katherine on The Vampire Diaries . But first, they have to get their hands on...
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    The Vampire Diaries review: Katherine's shocking fate revealed

    We don't know which is more exciting tonight: Katherine's fate revealed or Klaus' return to town. Who are we kidding? Klaroline all...
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    Nina Dobrev goes topless in Vampire Diaries 100th episode picture

    The Vampire Diaries ' 100th episode is just around the corner (like tomorrow!) and Nina Dobrev is so excited she's taken off her...
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    Will The Vampire Diaries ' Klaus and Caroline hook up?

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    The 100th episode may mark another milestone in The Vampire Diaries ' history. It may be the episode where Klaus and Caroline...
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    Out of the coffin: The Vampire Diaries ' first gay character

    He's hunky, sarcastic and totally not interested in Caroline in that way. Meet Luke, the newest addition to The Vampire Diaries cast.
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    Top 15 songs on The Vampire Diaries Season 5

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    The Vampire Diaries has always been a great place for new music finds and Season 5 is no different. These picks are our favorites...
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    The Vampire Diaries sneak peek: Katherine is dying

    It's the 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries , so you know it's gonna be good! It's a look at the past through the bad deeds of...
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    The Vampire Diaries review: Time for a relationship pop quiz

    The test on tonight's episode of The Vampire Diaries : Can Damon save Elena? It's a pop quiz that ends with an answer that isn't so...
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    CW moves The Tomorrow People to make way for The 100

    Hang on to your hats, CW fans, because the CW's midseason schedule is making some major changes. Where did fan-favorites like Arrow...