the smurfs 2

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    Battle of the flicks: 2 Guns vs. The Smurfs 2

    Two proven action stars open a violent chuckler against a kids movie with little blue nymphs in 3D. Should you cross the border with...
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    SheKnows smurfs with Glee actress Jayma Mays

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    This Glee actress is moving on with her career by appearing in a feature film and new TV show. We caught up with her to find out...
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    The Smurfs 2 movie review: I kissed a Smurf...

    This Smurf-tastic adventure in 3D sends our favorite blue, mushroom-dwelling nymphs to Paris to rescue their beloved Smurfette,...
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    Britney Spears to release "Ooh La La" for The Smurfs 2

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    Britney Spears is back and she’s headed to the big screen. Well, at least her new song is.