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  1. Television

    Ay Carumba! The Simpsons to kill main character

    Bad news, Simpson fans: Someone you (possibly) love is about to die. Who's got the next plot at the Springfield cemetery?
  2. Television

    20 Fads from '90s sitcoms that never should have died

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    The '90s brought us some of the funniest shows, most memorable characters and coolest trends. So why did they leave? Here are a few...
  3. Television

    TV's most dysfunctional families

    We're the Millers is on its way to a theater near you, but you don't need to pay eleven bucks to witness a dysfunctional family....
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    The Simpsons co-creator is giving away his fortune

    Writer-producer Sam Simon is turning a negative into a positive. After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, he's donating a huge...
  5. Television

    Family Guy is headed to The Simpsons ' Springfield

    The Griffin family is going to Springfield. The Sunday night lineup at Fox will be shaken up, but for one episode only, when the...
  6. Celebrity Obituaries

    Margaret Groening, inspiration for Simpsons ' mom, dies

    A huge part of The Simpsons legacy is gone. Creator Matt Groening's mother Margaret has died. She was the inspiration for the...
  7. Television

    Fox renews Glee and a few more

    Gleeks everywhere rejoice. Fox has renewed Glee for two more seasons. Plus, some other faves will return as well!
  8. Celebrity Obituaries

    Don Payne, writer for The Simpsons and Thor , passes away

    One of Hollywood's writing stars has been lost to cancer. Don Payne wrote for The Simpsons and Thor , among many other important...
  9. Television

    The Simpsons to produce episode written by Judd Apatow

    The writer recently revealed that he wrote an episode of the show in its infancy, before his career had gotten off the ground. The...
  10. Television

    Mindy Kaling to Marge Simpson: You're my hero

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    Marge Simspon is an idol in the eyes of Mindy Kaling. The actress reveals how the blue-haired cartoon mom helped lead her to comedy,...
  11. Television

    Justin Bieber to guest star on The Simpsons

    The singer is almost five years younger than the show, but today he tweeted that he will be appearing on an episode of its 24th season.
  12. Entertainment

    Matt Groening to discontinue project. No, not that one.

    You would think two TV shows and a comic strip would be enough. But Groening plans to replace the comic strip with something else as...
  13. Television

    Is your own Springfield the home of The Simpsons ?

    Matt Groening is spilling secrets about his long-running hit show The Simpsons . Read on to find out where the real Springfield is...
  14. Television

    Long live writers! TV's best shine at Writers Guild Awards

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    Homeland , Modern Family , Breaking Bad , oh my! See how your favorite small screen shows did at the Writers Guild Awards!
  15. Food & Recipes

    The Dizza: Half pizza, mostly donut, Homer Simpson-approved

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    In honor of The Simpsons ’ 500th episode, we've created our very own recipe for Dizza that will trigger a Homer-esque comatose...
  16. Television

    WikiLeaks' Julian Assange will drop by The Simpsons

    Embattled WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is the latest in a long line of famous faces to be featured on The Simpsons.
  17. Television

    The Simpsons cast is trying to keep the show alive

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    The network behind The Simpsons says the show will be coming to an end soon if the cast doesn't agree to a salary cut. Find out...
  18. Television

    Doh! The Simpsons to be canceled?

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    In what some may find the most upsetting TV news in decades -- or at least since the last time this threat landed -- a salary and...
  19. Movies & Reviews

    Harry Potter does Twilight on The Simpsons

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    Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe and House 's Hugh Laurie got animated for laughs in The Simpsons ' Treehouse of Horror XXI ....
  20. Television

    Banksy produces seething social commentary on The Simpsons

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    Guerilla street artist Banksy produced a controversial opening sequence for Sunday's episode of The Simpsons. What's the...