the rum diary

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    Top 5 new Redbox DVDs: Cheers to The Rum Diary

    This week's list of Redbox/DVD/Blu-ray releases includes a look at the much-awaited adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's book, The Rum...
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    Johnny Depp says Vanessa Paradis saved him

    Johnny Depp says he instantly fell in love when he first met his partner, Vanessa Paradis.
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    Rum Diary’s Johnny Depp reveals wild times with Hunter S. Thompson

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    Johnny Depp plays a hard partying journalist lured by the comforts of luxury in this month’s Hunter S. Thompson flick, The Rum...
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    Movie Review: Will The Rum Diary give you a buzz?

    The Rum Diary starring Johnny Depp is a whimsical, eccentric episode in the life of one man destined to drink himself out of a...
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    Amber Heard talks “Johnny Depp/Aaron Eckhart sandwich”

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    She may be in a relationship, but the lovely Amber Heard can still appreciate her gorgeous Rum Diary co-stars, Johnny Depp and...
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    Rum Diary’s Aaron Eckhart talks steamy sex scene

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    The Rum Diary’s smooth-talking villain Aaron Eckhart reveals how he spent his time while filming in Puerto Rico, and why playing...
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    Johnny Depp ogles skinny-dipping blonde in new Rum Diary clip

    Johnny Depp meets a glamorous skinny dipper in this new clip from The Rum Diary .
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    Johnny Depp shows off his undies in new Rum Diary poster  

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    Johnny Depp has once again submerged himself in the work of Hunter S. Thompson. The Oscar-nominated actor headlines The Rum Diary, a...
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    Johnny Depp's a fish out of water in Rum Diary trailer

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    Johnny Depp and the late Hunter S. Thompson are at it again. The actor headlines The Rum Diary, which is based on one of Thompson's...