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  1. Tips & Advice

    Angela Kinsey of The Office dishes about co-parenting, the holidays and Citrus Lane

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    You know her as Angela Martin, the uptight accountant on the hit TV series The Office. In real life, Angela Kinsey is nothing like...
  2. Television

    TV roundup: Thanksgiving comedy

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    Thanksgiving with the family can be a challenge. Even the most functional of families can be a little overwhelming during the...
  3. Television

    NBC not interested in Dwight's Office spinoff

    The Office won't get a new lease on life. Rainn Wilson's spinoff, The Farm, is a no-go. The actor's already shot the pilot, which...
  4. Television

    Return to laughs on Fall TV

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    30 Rock , The Big Bang Theory , New Girl and more are back!
  5. Television

    Labor Day TV fest: 10 addictive shows to watch on Netflix

    The first Monday of each September brings us Labor Day and the glorious three-day weekend that goes with it. We suggest you use the...
  6. Movies

    Steve Carell is not the funniest person in his new movie

    The actor didn't even have to read the script to Hope Springs before accepting the part. He heard "Meryl Streep" and he was sold.
  7. Celebrity Gossip

    Berenstain Bears distance themselves from Chick-fil-A

    The beloved bears already had an agreement for their toys to be added to the chain's kids' meals. Their publisher is honoring the...
  8. Television

    B.J. Novak will be leaving The Office as a series regular

    With so many actors leaving the show, how long can it last before it is unrecognizable?
  9. Television

    NBC rolls out fall season premieres

    With many shows at the end of their lives, NBC is relying on a few newcomers to carry their schedule.
  10. Celebrity Gossip

    The Office 's Jenna Fischer defends keeping on the baby weight

    Why the pressure to lose weight right after pregnancy? Jenna Fischer of The Office tells moms to put off the task of taking off...
  11. Television

    British TV in the New World

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    Ever since Ricky Gervais brought over his Office schtick to the U.S., American remakes of well-known European and Aussie shows have...
  12. Television

    Rainn Wilson, Mindy Kaling may leave The Office

    Dunder Mifflin said goodbye to Steve Carell last season and will soon do the same to James Spader, and possibly Rainn Wilson and...
  13. Television

    Confirmed: Community gets a return date...

    Get out your big red pens and mark your calendars. The creator of Community has released the return date for fan favorite Community...
  14. Celebrity Gossip

    Rainn Wilson apologizes for not-so-funny date rape joke

    Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight Schrute on NBC's The Office , tweeted an apology for his not-so-funny date-rape joke.
  15. Movies

    The Office 's Jenna Fischer leads new romantic comedy

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    Jenna Fischer is set to step into the spotlight as the lead in the new romantic comedy The Giant Mechanical Man , co-starring Malin...
  16. Television

    What does new Mindy Kaling pilot mean for The Office ?

    The Office just can't catch a break. A pilot written by and starring NBC funny gal, Mindy Kaling, has been ordered by Fox. What does...
  17. Television

    The Office : Is Dwight Schrute going solo?

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    Will they or won't they? That seems to be the question in regard to The Office buzz that there's a Dwight Schrute spinoff in the...
  18. Television

    The Office goes public: Dunder Mifflin paper coming to stores

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    Ready to doodle on Dunder Mifflin paper? The fictional company from The Office plans on selling copy paper -- and we are sure...
  19. Television

    Best TV Halloween Costumes of 2011

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    Still can't figure out what to wear on Halloween? Here are photos and clips featuring some of the best costumes on television this...
  20. Television

    Catherine Tate reprises role on The Office

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    Catherine Tate is back for new recurring role on The Office .