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  1. Television

    GIFs: 7 Ways romantic comedies are ruining our lives

    Romantic comedies make us laugh, cry and look at the significant others in our lives like big knuckle-dragging cavemen. Why can't...
  2. Television

    VOTE: Who is your favorite TV couple?

    In the past, television couples were portrayed as a perfected ideal that no couple could possibly live up to. Now TV couples are...
  3. Television

    6 Times TV got real life marriage right

    Here are a few TV marriages that reflect the ongoing joys and challenges faced by real life couples.
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    9 Things you didn't know about Aaron Rodgers

    Aaron Rodgers is one of football's most eligible bachelors (and is rumored to be dating Olivia Munn). He is one interesting guy.
  5. Entertainment

    INTERVIEW: Angela Kinsey on The Friskies and Grumpy Cat

    The Office 's Angela Kinsey is taking part in The Friskies — the major award for the best cat videos of the year — handing out the...
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    A former Office star is publishing a memoir

    Rainn Wilson has a lot to say. The actor's currently working on a memoir. This won't be your grandma's tell-all. It will be a fun...
  7. Television

    Ricky Gervais teaches us how to play guitar

    If you're as bummed about The Office finale as we are, YouTube has just the thing to brighten your week, and Ricky Gervais is...
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    The Office predictions: Where will they be 10 years from now?

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    After 9 seasons The Office is finally turning off its cameras and going off the air, which left us wondering what will happen to...
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    The Office trivia quiz

    Office fans let out a collective sigh when news broke that this would be the very last season. But instead of wallowing in a dark...
  10. Television

    VIDEO: 8 best quotes from The Office

    Kevin talks cats, Jim talks bears and Erin speaks Dothraki.
  11. Television

    Will he or won't he? Steve Carell and The Office finale

    Sources say Steve Carell will return for The Office series finale.
  12. Television

    The Office finale: 5 truths we learned from The Office

    If you've ever worked in an office for more than five minutes, you immediately related to the exaggerated and awkward dynamics of...
  13. Celebrity Gossip

    Adam Scott, Mary Lynn Rajskub auditioned for The Office

    Filming for The Office has wrapped. Maybe that's why Rainn Wilson is feeling nostalgic enough to post the talent-filled audition...
  14. Celebrity Gossip

    Office's Rainn Wilson to star in new CBS cop drama

    It sounds like Dwight Schrute's fever dream come true: actor Rainn Wilson will play a real cop in the CBS pilot Backstrom .
  15. Movies

    The Incredible Burt Wonderstone : Why we love Steve Carell

    This Friday marks the premiere of The Incredible Burt Wonderstone , the latest installment in what is fast becoming an impressive...
  16. Television

    Memo: The Office 's finale date

    The end of pranks on Dwight and the last look at Pam and Jim's life together. Sob! The Office is really ending, and we know when.
  17. Television

    Roseanne Barr to guest on The Office

    The final season of The Office is grinding to a halt, and a familiar face is on hand to help nail the coffin shut.
  18. Television

    Mindy Kaling returning for The Office finale?

    Will Mindy Kaling come back to The Office for one final bow? She definitely wants to!
  19. Celebrity Gossip

    John Krasinski: From waiter to Office success

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    John Krasinski is eternally grateful that he doesn't have to wait tables to make ends meet anymore, thanks to the success of The...
  20. Television

    The very last The Office Christmas party. Are you prepared?

    It's the very last Christmas episode in the very last season of The Office . It's promising to be one of the most funny and...